UPCOMING SHOWS:Spin The Globe poster 2011

Aug 29: SpinTheGlobeapalooza, or Bumberspin
Whatever you call it, it’s a festival. It’s the festival in my own mind, the collection of musicians I’d most like to see collected in one place on a sunny weekend with outdoor stages, cool drinks delivered by people on stilts, and no lines, ever. This weekend brings Bumbershoot to Seattle. But my festival is better.

Sept. 5: India Meets Hawaii
This weekend brings the Live Aloha festival to the Seattle Center. September 8 is the birthday of legendary Bollywood playback singer Asha Bhosle. Mash them together, and you’ve got a radio show alternating sounds from Hawaii and India. Plus your requests in hour 2: call 360-867-5267 during the show, or leave requests on the STG Facebook page.

Sept. 12: Cuban Flavors + Pablo Menendez interview
Cuban music is wildly popular all over the world, and has influenced other styles from places as far-flung as Congo and the Balkans. You’ll be surprised at the places it’s gone, and we’ll also be interviewing Cuban artist Pablo Menendez, who’s touring the USA with Mezcla (and appearing 18 September here in Olympia).

Sept. 19: Global Songs of Peace
Songs about peace, harmony, and nonviolence from many corners of the globe this week, in the run-up to the International Day of Peace on 21 September.

Sept. 26: TBA
Show theme TBA — submit your suggestions!

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