Spin The Globe poster 2011PREVIOUSLY: Global Songs of Walls and Bridges
Musicians love singing about the things that unite and divide us. We hear some of both, but with an ear toward building bridges more than erecting walls.

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  December 15: Top 10 World Music CDs, December edition
Hear a track from each of the 10 best new global albums. Plus other new and old global sounds in hour 2.

December 22: Music of Migrants and Immigrants
December 18 is International Migrants Day. STG observes the occasion with songs of migrants and immigrants (and maybe a few refugees) from around the planet.

December 29: Favorite Songs of 2017
Spin The Globe’s favorite (and most requested) songs of the year, all in one place. I’d love to hear (and perhaps spin) your favorites: leave a note on the STG Facebook page, or call during the show at 360-867-5267.

January 5: All-New Global Music
Songs from the best new world music albums of the last month or two… and specifically tracks that haven’t been aired on KAOS before. Tune in to hear something new for the new year.

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