Top 10 World Music CDs, December edition
Hear a song from each of the Top 10 new world music albums. Plus other music, new and old, in hour 2.

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December 21: Global Songs of Winter
Curl up by the fire with the dog and the radio on this winter solstice day, and enjoy songs of winter and a few global holiday tunes.  Your requests welcome; call during the show at 360-867-5267, or leave a note on the STG Facebook page at facebook.com/spintheglobe

December 28: STG’s Favorite Songs & Albums of 2018
In which we share our favorite music of the past year.

January 4: All-New Music for the New Year
Tune in for a survey of the early global 2019 musical landscape.  Songs and albums fresh off the presses, and probably a few artists you haven’t heard before.

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