Spin The Globe poster 2011PREVIOUSLY: Top 10 World Music Albums, Oct. edition + KAOS pledge drive
Hear a song from each of the Top 10 new world music albums. In hour 2, more global sounds + concert previews. It’s the second week of the KAOS pledge drive, so if you’re not a member yet (you aren’t? really?), now’s the time to go online and join.

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October 20: Cities of the Americas
We’ll hear songs about the cities of the Americans this week, perhaps including Tito Puente crooning about Miami, Orishas waxing hiphoppy about Havana, and Lord Melody giving his take on New York City.

October 27: Family, Ancestors, and Other Ghosts
As Halloween and Dia de los Muertos approach, STG has rounded up dozens of songs about family, and about those ancestors that linger (sometimes past long after their welcome runs out). Your requests are welcome: leave a note on the STG Facebook page, or call during the show at 360-867-5267.

November 3: World Music in the 1940s
Fifth in a series of STG shows highlighting the global music sounds of different decades.


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