Branches of Fela’s Tree
Fela Kuti (born Oct. 15, 1938) planted the root of what became Afrobeat music. We hear music from him, and from the many who are carrying on his work today, including his sons Femi and Seun, former bandmates including Tony Allen, and countless worldwide afrobeat groups.

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October 19: Top 10 World Music Albums, October edition
Hear a song from each of the ten best new world music CDs this week. Plus other new releases and old faves in hour 2.

October 26: 1998 v 2018: 20 Years of Globe Spinning + KAOS Pledge Drive
STG first aired in September 1998. Today we’ll celebrate being on the air for 20 years by alternating songs from then and now, along with some segments of interviews and live performances on STG over the years. If you have a favorite memory or a request, call during the show at 360-867-5267 and pledge your support at the same time, or leave a note on the STG Facebook page at facebook.com/spintheglobe

November 2: Día de los Muertos
Songs of the ancestors this week for Day of the Dead. Your requests are welcome: call during the show at 360-259-1682, or leave a note on the STG Facebook page at facebook.com/spintheglobe

November 9: Sean Gaskell (kora) live in the KAOS studio
Has it been too long since STG has had a kora player in the KAOS performance studio? I’m thinking yes. So this week, Sean Gaskell will play the West African harp for us, and catch us up on his musical adventures.

November 16: Global Songs of Horses
Dogs may be man’s best friends, but horses are arguably more useful companions, and are popular all over the planet. Songs from Tuva, Georgia, Kurdistan, Brazil and wherever equines gallop.


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