2012-09-07 Choro Tomorrow Live! Brazilian Music Day! 13 Years of Spin The Globe!

Choro Tomorrow at KAOS
Choro Tomorrow live at KAOS

What a beautiful day for a celebration! Early September, and the forecast is for sun with a high of 86 degrees. Perfect for an on-air party celebrating STG’s 13th Anniversary and with Brazilian Music Day. We celebrated with a live performance from Olympia-based Choro Tomorrow and many other Brazilian sounds.

You’ve been an integral part of the show, whether you’ve been listening from the start back in 1999, or just tuned in this week. So thanks for listening, and I’m always eager to hear your feedback on the show or ideas for future shows.

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Hour 1
Grupo Batuque
“Berimbal” from Brazilika

Brazilian Groove Band “Bananeira” from Putumayo Presents: Brazilian Beat

Nelson Cavaquinho “Mulher Sem Alma” from Nelson Cavaquinho

Jose Orlando “Morena da Palmeira (The Brunette of Palmeira)” from Brazil: Forro, Music for maids and Taxi Drivers

Luisa Maita “Fulaninha (Maga Bo Remix)” from Maita Remixed (Bonus Tracks)

Ruivão “Rapaz Sagaz” from Introducing Ruivao

Afroreggae with Manu Chao “Benedito” from Rough Guide to Brazilian Street Party

Chico César “Fila” from Chico Cesar

Baden Powell “Candomble” from Brazil Bossa Beat! Bossa Nova and the Story of Elenco Records

DJ Dolores, Eugene Hutz, Otto, Fred 04 & Isaar “A Cidade” from Red Hot + Rio 2 (Deluxe Edition)

Alcione “Olere Camara” from Brazil Classics 2

Laurindo Almeida & Charlie Byrd “Famoso” from Brazilian Soul

Choro Tomorrow “2-1” from Live at KAOS

Choro Tomorrow “Saxophone, Why Are You Crying?” from Live at KAOS

Hour 2
Choro Tomorrow
“Sensitivo” from Live at KAOS

Choro Tomorrow “Recipe for Samba” from Live at KAOS

Choro Tomorrow “In That Time” from Live at KAOS

Choro Tommorow “In Glory” from Live at KAOS

Choro Tomorrow “Vo Vi vandu” from Live at KAOS

Choro Tomorrow “A San Ya Du” from Live at KAOS

Forro In the Dark “Perro Loco” from Light a Candle

Tomas Gubitsch & Plovdiv`s Children`s Choir “Toma Que Toma” from Songs of Innocence

Nation Beat “Mare Cheia (feat. The Klezmatics)” from Legends of the Preacher

Mestre Acordeon “Viva Loremil (excerpt)” from Eh Capoeira

Bat Makumba “Natureza” from Boteco

Grupo Fundo de Quintal “Cante Pra Distrair / Cada Ioio” from Samba Brazil

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