2012-12-07 Afrobeat in the USA

Afrobeat in AmericaA local confluence of Afrobeat shows by Antibalas and Cascadia ’10 made for a great jumping off point to explore the state of Afrobeat in America. We heard Afrobeat bands from NYC, DC, Texas, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, and beyond. Also a couple global interpretations of Brubeck’s Take Five, and some concert previews.

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Hour 1
Soweto String Quartet
“TAKE FIVE” from Our World

Toli Nameless & The Femm Nameless “Ibajekbe” from The Rough Guide to Afrobeat Revival

Chicago Afrobeat Project “INNER CITY BLUES” from Nyash Up!

Cascadia ’10 “The Secret Is Out” from The Secret Is Out – Single

Akoya Afrobeat “U.S.A.” from Introducing the Akoya Afrobeat Ensemble

Hard Proof “Mahout” from Hard Proof

Alma Afrobeat Ensemble “Taskmaster” from Toubab Soul

Albino! “Puppet Boy” from Rhino

The Afromotive “On the Cuff” from Scare Tactics

Jujuba “Jujuba” from Jujuba

Aphrodesia “Mr. President” from Frontlines

The Funk Ark “419” from High Noon

Hour 2
The Souljazz Orchestra
“Serve And Protect (Frankie Francis – Sofrito ReWork)” from Solidarity

Euforquestra “Ochun” from Explorations in Afrobeat

Antibalas “Ari Degbe” from Antibalas

Orkestar Zirkonium “Hot Coals” from Orkestar Zirkonium

Bucharest Drinking Team “Dejan’s Cocek” from single

Erev Rav “Baym Febens Cypher” from Klezmorphic

Yale Strom & Hot Pstromi “Dire Gelt” from The Devil’s Brides – Klezmer & Yiddish Songs

Sean Gaskell “Jarabi” from Kora Music of West Africa

Bongos ikwue and double x “Agbambo” from Wulu Wulu

Forro In the Dark “SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN” from Christmas EP

Sachal Studios Orchestra “TAKE FIVE” from Sachal Studios Orchestra Presents-Sachal Jazz

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