2013-05-03 New World Music + interview with Miles Arntzen of EMEFE

EMEFE afrobeatThe third plan for today’s show finally stuck: A phone interview with Miles Arntzen of NYC-based Afrobeat group EMEFE, a brief tribute to the late Bob Brozman, and a pile of new global music assembled for your listening pleasure.

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Hour 1
Mahala Raï Banda & Kanka
“Balkan Reggae (Kanka Mix)” from Balkan Reggae (Remixes)

Trilok Gurtu “Manteca” from Spellbound

Badi Assad “Quarto da Rainha” from Between Love and Luck

Balkan Fusion Project “Uskadara” from Balkan Fusion Project

EMEFE “Lucecita (feat. Chico Mann)” from Good Future

Set break — interview with EMEFE – Afrobeat / Afro-rock band from NYC

EMEFE “BBB” from Good Future

Bill Buchen “Bombay Boogaloo (feat. Steve Gorn)” from Bandit Queen

Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate “ZION” from Faya

Mart’Nália “Para Comigo” from Women of Brazil

Hour 2
Kobo Town
“Joe the Paranoiac” from Jumbie in the Jukebox

Oum “SHINE” from Soul of Morocco

La Troba Kung-Fu “Barcelona (AndyLoop, Toti & Maxey RMX)” from Turntables on Las Ramblas

Wally Warning “Mama Nature” from Mama Nature

GagaDilo “Don Way” from Cosmic Odyssey

Rene Lacaille & Bob Brozman “Loze” from Digdig

Set break — Excerpt of interview with Bob Brozman

Takashi Hirayasu & Bob Brozman “Chon Chon Kijimuna” from Jin Jin / Firefly

Mielotxin “Munduz Mundo” from promo

MC Yogi “Be The Change (EarthRise SoundSystem’s Bollywood Dub Omstrumental)” from Trip Tracks

Richard Bona “Akwappella” from Bonafied

Red Baraat “Mast Kalandar” from Shruggy Ji

Jussi Reijonen “SERPENTINE” from UN

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