2013-10-25 – World Music Mix

earth-with-headphonesNo clever theme this week, just two hours of fun, amazing music from different cultures and different regions of the world. Enjoy listening, and have a great weekend! Back next week with a Dia de los Muertos / Halloween themed show.

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Hour 1
“Auto Rickshaw” from New Songs from the Old Country

Al Jawala “Bali” from Balkan Big Beatz Live

Christine Salem “Camelia” from Salem Tradition

The Ghent Folk Violin Project “Coureur” from Tatoeage

Marta Sebestyen “If I Were a Rose (Ha En Roza Volnek)” from Kismet

Mau Mau “Can Anrabia” from Dea

Rebeca Vallejo “Desoertar” from Azúcar, Canela

Alex Cuba Band “Cafe Havana” from Cafe Latino

Tipsy Oxcart “Me First” from Meet Tipsy Oxcart

Set break — Community Billboard

The Silk Road Ensemble With Yo-Yo Ma “Saidi Swing” from A Playlist Without Borders

Omar Souleyman “Ya Yumma” from Wenu Wenu

Pierre de Gaillande sings Georges Brassens “The Storm” from Bad Reputation Vol. 2

DeLeon “La Ner V’Livsamim” from DeLeon

Hour 2
“Fo Tunda Ye” from Francophonie : les nouveaux sons 2013

Jienat “Sissel” from Mira

Rokia Traoré “Ka Moun Kè” from Beautiful Africa

Anoushka Shankar “Indian Summer” from Traces of You

Kal “Run Brother Run” from Romology

Al Jawala “Electric Cocek” from Balkan Big Beatz Live

Boban & Marko Markovic Orchestra “Zivot Cigana (Gipsy Life)” from Gipsy Manifesto

Set break — Entertainment Calendar

Sean Gaskell “Allah La Ke (God Has Done It; from Gambia)” from Kora Music of West Africa

William Onyeabor “Why Go to War? (edit)” from World Psychedelic Classics 5: Who Is William Onyeabor?

Värttinä “Vihma” from Vihma

Federico Aubele “Luna 1” from 5

Blue Planet “Lovely Moon (excerpt)” from MASALA

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