2015-12-18 – Best World Music of 2015

Flag GlobeThis week, the best songs from the best global albums of the year. I’ve combed through 2015’s playlists, requests, and my own favorites and come up with two hours of compelling listening — and perhaps a few great suggestions for last-minute holiday gifts!

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Hour 1
Cuban Beats All Stars
“Cubañol” from La Receta

Baro Drom Orkestar “Fanfara ciociara” from Genau!

Alune Wade & Harold Lopez-Nussa “Guajira” from Havana Paris Dakar

Amsterdam Klezmer Band “A Sheine Velt” from Benja

Karim Nagi “Oriental Magic Carpet” from Detour Guide

Flavia Coelho “Passou Passou” from Mundo Meu

Te Vaka “Amataga” from Amataga

Bolo “Nah Ee Nah” from Bolo

Vivalda Dula “Henda Mua Ngola” from Africa

Set break — KAOS Community Billboard

Alif “Al-Khutba Al-Akhira (The Last Declamation)” from Aynama-Rtama

Kora Jazz Band “Nha corçon” from Back to Africa

Folknery “Tadi, shuhay, tadi” from Useful Things

Karavan Sarai “Schirin” from Woven Landscapes

Hour 2
“Princes et princesses” from Action

Set break

Novalima “Beto Kele (Nosotros Somos)” from Planetario

Seckou Keita “Atongo” from Sabaru

Gangbe Brass Band “Yoruba (feat. Fémi Kuti)” from Go Slow to Lagos

Daktarimba “Adidja” from D’Afrique (feat. Marco Lobo, Walter Lang, Wolfgang Lackerschmid & Njamy Sitson)

Ba-Boom “Oxossi” from Somos Um

Bixiga 70 “Martelo” from III

Lura “gore” from Herança

Set break — Spin The Globe world music concert calendar

Ballaké Sissoko & Vincent Segal “Passa Quatro” from Musique de Nuit

Ester Rada “Feeling good” from I wish – EP

Nes “Ahlam” from NES

Kandia Kouyate “Mandjala” from Renascence

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