2016-01-22 Top 10 World Music Albums, January edition

Gangbé Brass Band - Go Slow to LagosThis week, our (usually) monthly run-down of the best music on the planet, with a selection from each of the top 10 world music albums around. At the top of the chart is the stunningly sharp album by Benin’s Gangbe Brass Band. Seriously, you need to check this one out for yourself. And the rest are great, too. Hour 2 was mostly a free-for-all of newish releases. Thanks for listening and supporting your volunteer-powered, commercial-free community radio station!

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Hour 1
Elage Diouf
“Probleme Yi” from Melokáane

Lenka Lichtenberg “Vayn fun Lebn” from Yiddish Journey: The Music of Lenka Lichtenberg

Ram “Odan Bonswa” from Ram 6: Manman M Se Ginen

Skalinka “!Anda, Anda!” from Bricolage du Son

Zusha “Mashiach” from Kavana

Ba-Boom “Chama da Palavra” from Somos Um

FolkbeatRF “На улице дождик/Rain” from In Mixt

Rokia Traoré “Kenia” from Né So

Set break — KAOS Community Billboard

Daktarimba “Daktarimba” from D’Afrique (feat. Marco Lobo, Walter Lang, Wolfgang Lackerschmid & Njamy Sitson)

Zűrös Banda “Zöld Erdőben, De Magos (Green Woods, Tall Trees)” from Zűrös Banda

Gangbe Brass Band “Miziki” from Go Slow to Lagos

Sanjay Chitale & Sandeep Chowta “Hari” from American Pilgrimage

Hour 2
Al Jawala
“Road to Eldorado (feat. Rukie)” from Hypnophonic (Bonus Track Version)

Sidestepper “Fuego Que Te Llama” from Supernatural Love

Grupo Fantasma “Mulato” from Problemas

Orkestar Kriminal “Ikh Ganve In Der Nakht” from Tummel

Slavic Soul Party “Opa cupa” from 10 Years Eastblok Music

Mamak Khadem “Do, Don’t” from The Road

Mierlita “Goats in the Graveyard” from Stranger in Chisinau

Set break — Spin The Globe world music concert calendar

Nil_lo & Sentidor “Forêt (DJ Ground Remix)” from SIBÖ Revisited

Ceu “Rainha” from Live

Carrie Rodriguez & The Sacred Hearts “I Dreamed I Was Lola Beltran” from Lola

Orchestre Bawobab “Ma Penda” from Senegal 70 (Sonic Gems from the 70s)

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  1. Thanks for the play, respect and support.. Mesi anpil..
    RAM 6 Manman M Se Ginen
    Richard Morse

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