2017-01-20 Top 10 World Music CDs, January edition

terrakota - oxalaSpin The Globe takes special care on this Inauguration Day to highlight the best recent international releases. It’s a strange new world, but we’re in this together, and together we are strong in our diversity, supportive in our solidarity, and resilient in building our vision of a cooperative, peaceful future together. But yeah, it’s gonna take some work.

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Hour 1
“Misirlou” from Metanational

The Nile Project “Biwelewele” from Jinja

Lulacruza “Uno Resuena” from Qué Canchero (New Sounds of Argentina)

Barro “Ficamos Assim” from Miocardio

The Klezmatics “Shtetl M.O.” from Apikorsim

Fanga “I Want (feat. Sir Jean)” from Kaleidoscope

Orchestre Afrisa International “Ma fille” from Melanie

Set break — KAOS Community Billboard

Baba Zula “Cecom” from xx

FolkBeat “I Can Not” from Светлая встреча / The Joyful Meeting

The Bongo Hop “Nowa (feat. Maik Cel)” from Satingarona, Vol. 1

Hour 2
“Social Insecurity (feat. Selma Uamusse & Anastácia Carvalho)” from Oxalá

Seydu “Sadaka” from Sadaka

Lumumba “Axó (feat. Dinho Nascimento)” from sotaques do brasil

Tinariwen “Sastanàqqàm” from Ténéré Tàqqàl” / “Sastanàqqàm

Hanitra Ranaivo “Mivalo” from Lasa

Kerekes Band “Puszta Beat” from Back to Folk (Music from Folkland)

Juliana Cortes “O Mal (feat. Arrigo Barnabé)” from Gris

Fiamma Fumana “Check In” from Onda

Shono “Neryelge – Buryat Ritual Dance” from Hunters

Set break — Spin The Globe world music concert calendar

Omar Sosa & Seckou Keita “Tama-Tama” from Transparent Water

The Wu-Force “Kung Fu Cowboy” from The Wu-Force

The Bollywood Brass Band “Dhoom Medley” from Chaiyya Chaiyya (feat. Rafaqat Ali Khan)

Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra “Push” from Pao!

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