2017-06-09 Songs of Asian Cities

ulan bator, mongoliaMusic from and about Kabul, Kyoto, Karachi, and other cities in Asia this week in the third installment of STG’s cities playlists. Plus new releases and whatnot in the second hour of the show.

Note: You may have noticed that I wasn’t in for a fresh episode of STG last week. Threats of violence closed the Evergreen campus — including KAOS — and while a few intrepid KAOS staffers kept the station on-air, everyone else was instructed to stay away. Here’s hoping the threats come to nothing and the threateners are dealt with appropriately.

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Hour 1
Sabah Habas Mustapha & The Jugala All Stars
“Bandung” from Jalan Kopo – The Sunda Sessions

Cankisou “Lahore” from Le La

Joseph Pepe Danza “Kyoto” from Emerge

Mardi Gras.BB “Delhi Morning Raga” from Von Humboldt Picnic

Shizuko Kasagi “Tokyo Boogie Woogie” from The Rough Guide to the Music of Japan

New Orleans Nightcrawlers “Okinawa” from Slither Slice

Peter Ross “Osaka-Bon-Komoriuta” from Bamboo Spirit

Bob Brozman Orchestra “Yaeyama Okinawa” from Lumiere

Luna “Alone in Kyoto” from Luna

Set break — KAOS Community Billboard

Raza Jaffrey & Ensemble “Salaam Bombay” from Bombay Dreams

Al Jawala “Bali” from Balkan Big Beatz Live

Michi Sarmiento y Sus Bravos “Hong Kong” from Colombia!

Hanggai “Ulanbator Nights” from Baifang

Mongo Santamaria “Manila” from Our Man in Havana

Hour 2
Jan Wouter Oostenrijk
“Dutch in the Desert” from We Are Connected

Martha Mavroidi “Yerevan” from Thread and Needle

Carmen Souza “Mon di Deus” from Creology

Mohsin Abbas, Tanzeem Haider, Iftikhar Ali Khan, Anil Sunny, Sam Levine & Jeff Coffin “Janiya” from Travelers-Dosti Music Project

Ani Cordero “Sacalo” from Querido Mundo

Elida Almeida “Discriminason” from Djunta Kudjer

Maher Cissoko “Bii Lee Siita (Today Has Come)” from Kora Fo

Oumou Sangare “Fadjamou” from Mogoya

Elemotho “Beggars and Superstars” from beautiful world

Set break — Spin The Globe world music concert calendar

Ananda Shankar “Streets of Calcutta” from The Rough Guide to the Asian Underground

Mokoomba “Njawane” from Luyando

They Must Be Crazy “Cura Di Jambu” from Mother Nature

TAKEIFA “He jo” from Gass Giss

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