2017-06-23 Global Songs of Animals & Nature

Singing HipposSongs about nature nature and critters this week. Plus new releases, concert previews, and old faves in hour 2.

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Hour 1
Richard Bona
“Te Misea (A Scream to Save the Planet)” from Reverence

Flavia Coelho “sunshine” from Bossa Muffin (Nosso Diário Edition)

Razia “Tsy tara” from Zebu Nation

Sambasunda “Lost Two Tigers” from Berekis

Yat-Kha “Pesnya O Giraffe” from Re-Covers (feat. Albert Kuvezin)

Spiro “Will You Go Walk the Woods so Wild” from Welcome Joy and Welcome Sorrow

BONGOMATIK “Romanian Reggea” from Bongomatik Your Life

Bolo “sunshine” from Bolo

Set break — KAOS Community Billboard

Foday Musa Suso “African Sunshine” from The Two Worlds

Marsada “Di Parsobanan (The place you go to look for wood)” from Pulo Samosir

Shono “Khadyn Khursa – Mountain Grasses (Buryat traditional song)” from Hunters

El Naan “Milonguita del Pantano” from Código de Barros

Sally Nyolo “A Lion in the Jungle” from Zaione

Hour 2
Te Vaka
“Mana” from Beats

Monoswezi “Nyuchi” from A Je

Meklit “Yesterday Is a Tizita” from When the People Move, The Music Moves Too

Havana Maestros “Good Times (feat. Chic)” from AMERiCUBA

Cirkestra “fish” from Pinocchio

Andrea Pancur “Isar” from Alpen Klezmer – Zum Meer

Omiri “Truz Truz Truz” from Baile Electrónico

Sväng “Muromskin tiellä” from Hauptbahnhof

Amigos Nobles “the tower” from Escape Barcelona

Set break — Spin The Globe world music concert calendar

Jungle By Night “Camel” from Jungle By Night

Elemotho “Ga Lo Itse” from beautiful world

Ghalia Benali & Maak “Bonding” from Mwsoul

Sergio Mendes “Samba de Roda (feat. Aila Menezes & Gracinha Leporace)” from Magic

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