2017-07-07 Sounds of Poland + Old & New World Music

Warsaw Afrobeat OrchestraPrompted by the the June 8 Polish Festival at the Seattle Center, today’s episode features the musics of Poland from klezmer to club beats to ???. Plus a mix of the old and new in the second hour of the show.

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Hour 1
Psio Crew
“Hajduk” from 10 Years Eastblok Music

Čači Vorba “Joc’n’Roll” from True Speech – Szczera Mowa

Zbigniew Namyslowski “Skarga Podhala” from Unblocked: Music of Eastern Eurpoe

Vavamuffin “Poland Story” from Inadibusu

Sutari “Słońce” from Osty

Tegie Chlopy “Polka Zydowka” from Dansing

Dikanda “Amijasa” from Usztijo

Big Band Katowice “Sorcerer” from Polish Funk – The Unique Selection Of Rare Grooves From Poland Of The 70’s

Chava Alberstein “The Secret Garden” from Foreign Letters

Set break — KAOS Community Billboard

The Cracow Klezmer Band “The fortress” from The Warriors

Warsaw Village Band “At My Mother’s” from People’s Spring

Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra “your way” from Wëndelu

Brave Combo “Hosa Dyna” from Balkans without Borders

Hour 2
Krawczyk & Bregovic
“Ojda, Ojda” from Daj Mi Drugie Zycie

Andrea Pancur “Di Humpn mit Wein” from Alpen Klezmer – Zum Meer

Rafiki Jazz “Saya” from Har Dam Sahara

Amsterdam Klezmer Band “The New Terk” from Katla

Frigg “Friggin’ Polska” from Frost on Fiddles

Jef “Waja Sampai Kaputing” from Waja Sampai Kaputing

Roswell Rudd “MALIcool” from Roswell Rudd’s MALIcool

Cacique’97 “American Cop (feat. Nastio Mosquito)” from We Used to Be Africans

Set break — Spin The Globe world music concert calendar

Amine & Hamza “Café Tunis (excerpt)” from Fertile Paradoxes

They Must Be Crazy “Mana minga” from Mother Nature

Ernesto Djédjé “Zadie Bobo” from Ivory Coast Soul, Afro Funk From Abidjan From 1972-1982


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