2017-07-14 Top 10 World Music Albums, July 2017 edition

They Must Be Crazy - Mother NatureYour monthly World Music Top 10 countdown, with a song from each of the best new global albums. In hour 2, more global sounds + concert previews + requests.

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Hour 1
10- Duo Sabîl
“Awalem” from Zabad, L’écume Des Nuits . Zabad, Twilight Tide

9- Rio Mira “Guarapo” from Marimba del Pacífico

8- Monoswezi “Sola Mani” from A Je

7- BarenBand “Be To” from Mn Bo To

6- Marta Topferova & Milokraj “Co Mohl Najíti Poutník/What Could a Pilgrim Find” from Tento Svet

5- Meïkhâneh “Gham Makhor” from La silencieuse

4- Alif “L’etranger” from Alif

Set break — KAOS Community Billboard

Mahadev “The Burning Sword of Wisdom” from My Heart Is Pierced

3- Ghalia Benali & Maak “Bonding” from Mwsoul

2- Toko Telo “Hainao Moa (You Know)” from Toy Raha Toy

Hour 2
1- They Must Be Crazy
“Monkey See Monkey Do” from Mother Nature

Nikitov “Tumbalalaika” from Vanderlust

Romano Drom “Xanamiko” from Ande Lindri, Hungaria

Makan “Badjé” Tounkara “Daba” from Daba

Jeli Moussa Sissoko “Sirifo Haidara” from Ballaké (Kora Music From Mali)

Jupiter & Okwess “Nzele Momi” from Kin Sonic

Aurelio “Yalifu” from Darandi

Les Fils Canouche “Tabadabada” from La Fasciculation

Trio Tekke & Dave de Rose “Zivo” from Zivo

Set break — Spin The Globe world music concert calendar

The Souljazz Orchestra “Negus Negast” from Rising Sun

Raduza “Vařiš A Mapa” from V Salonu Barokních Dam

Chicago Afrobeat Project “What Gust Come Down (feat. Tony Allen Oranmiyan)” from What Go Up

TAKEIFA “Macoumba” from Gass Giss

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