2017-08-04 Songs of Traveling

World Travel - Spin The GlobeFor many, summer is a season of travel. STG has your road-trip soundtrack, with global songs about adventurous journeys, both literal and metaphorical. Even if you’re staying home, this will take you on a vicarious trip you won’t soon forget.

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Hour 1
Autorickshaw “So the Journey Goes” from So the Journey Goes

Foday Musa Suso “traveler” from The Two Worlds

Ocote Soul Sounds “Pathways” from Taurus

Candido Oye-Oba “Ajo (Journey)” from Adura Power

Macka B “4 Minute Vacation” from Global Messenger

Salaam (Dena El Saffar) “Train to Basra” from Train to Basra and Other Stories

Tony Allen “Boat Journey” from Film of Life

Louis Mhlanga “Beira” from Shamwari

Set break — KAOS Community Billboard

Asian Dub Foundation “journey” from Facts and Fictions

Ramadu “Hamba Nami (Let’s Travel Together)” from Izambulelo – Traditional & Contemporary Music from Zimbabwe

Umkulu “Walkabout” from Kungulu

Hour 2
The Skatalites
“Trip to Mars” from From Paris With Love

Butshilo Nleya “Ngiyazula (I am a Traveller)” from Vocalism

Dave Holland & Pepe Habichuela “joyride” from hands

Tengir-Too “Jol jürüsh (On the Road)” from Music of Central Asia Vol. 1: Tengir-Too: Mountain Music from Kyrgyzstan

The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc “Talons Trip to Thompson Island” from Deliverance

Seckou Keita Quartet “Tama-Silo (Journey)” from Afro-Mandinka Soul

Amine & Hamza “The quest” from Fertile Paradoxes

Oi Va Voi “Travelling the Face of the Globe” from Travelling the Face of the Globe

Chicago Afrobeat Project “What Goes Up” from What Goes Up

Jerez Texas “Quan Somnies” from Clar de Lluna

Soweto Soul “Cold Drink (feat. Sizwe Magwaza & Joep Pelt)” from Soweto Soul

Sally Nyolo “Ngoni ngueng” from Multiculti

Rafiki Jazz “Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba (Serigne Touba)” from Har Dam Sahara

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