2017-09-08 Global Songs of Geography

Antique World MapFrom fires to floods to earthquakes to hurricanes, the Earth seems to be trying to send us a message. Perhaps we can sooth it with a collection of songs about streams, odes to oceans, jingles about jungles. Plus new releases and old faves from around the planet in hour 2.

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Hour 1
Barika “River Niger” from Remember

Nkengas “jungle beat” from Destruction

Mynta “Desert Jig” from Meetings In India

Jake Shimabukuro “3rd stream” from Dragon

Sally Nyolo “kilimanjaro” from Tiger Run

Chava Alberstein “High Atop a Mountain” from Foreign Letters

Ondar “Big River” from Back Tuva Future: The Adventure Begins

Ganga Giri “in the jungle” from Tribe Vibe

Set break — KAOS Community Billboard

Mehmet Polat Trio “Whirling in the Jungle” from Next Spring

Miriam Makeba “Table Mountain” from Golden Voices of Africa

Ancient Future “Dance of the Rain Forest” from World Without Walls

Hijaz “Behind the Mountains” from Nahadin

Bantu “Follow Your Road Go (feat. Ayuba)” from Fuji Satisfaction (feat. Ayuba)

Hour 2
“Hook & Crook” from Where the Gods Are in Peace

Watcha Clan “Im nin’alu” from Radio Babel

Kottarashky & The Rain Dogs “Babo” from Demoni

Funk Como Le Gusta “Muchacha Fantástica” from A Cura Pelo Som

Speed Caravan “Parov Yegar Siroon Var” from Kalashnik Love

State of Bengal Vs Paban Das Baul “Tani Tani” from Tani Tani

The Bombay Royale “The Raan of Kutch” from Run Kitty Run

Chopteeth Afrofunk Big Band “DC Vote” from Bone Reader

Set break — Spin The Globe world music concert calendar

The Reptile Palace Orchestra “Night Is What a Harbor’s For” from Iguana Iguana

Michael Spiro/Michael Williams “Baya Wabaya” from BataMbira

Chicago Afrobeat Project “No Bad News (feat. Tony Allen, Kiara Lanier & Legit)” from What Goes Up (feat. Tony Allen)


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