2017-12-08 Global Songs of Walls and Bridges

musical bridgeMusicians love singing about the things that unite and divide us. This week we hear some of both, but with an ear toward building bridges more than erecting walls.

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Hour 1
Watcha Clan “With Or Without the Wall” from Radio Babel

Transglobal Underground “We Come to Tear Your Wall Down” from The Stone Turntable

Akshara “mind the gap” from In Time

Ron Wiseman “jericho” from Mystical Mood

Ikwunga “Fence” from Calabash Afrobeat-Poems By Ikwunga Vol.1

Maracatu New York “Four Bridges” from Baque do Brooklyn

Rocky Dawuni “Walls Tumblin Down” from Hymns for the Rebel Soul

Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe “The bridge” from The Bridge

Set break — KAOS Community Billboard

Hossam Ramzy & Rafa El Tachuela “Al Quantara (The Bridge)” from Flamenco Arabe

Elizabeth Schwartz & Jeff Pekarek “Among the Highest” from City of the Future: Yiddish Songs from the Former Soviet Union

Lila Downs “La Linea” from Border/La Linea

Skeletons “over the bridge” from Smile

Hour 2
“Take Out the Fences” from Take Out the Fences

Boubacar Traore “Mousso” from Dounia Tabolo

Alpha Ousmane Sankare “Haira Alhawa” from Ballébé-Calling All Africans

Galissa Liebeskind 4tet “Ibou (Live)” from Gêmeos

Autorickshaw “Nature Bhai” from Meter

Balkan Airs “Mange Kralica (Solo) / Con Hachazo al Costado [feat. Otros Aires]” from Otros Aires presents Balkan Airs

Astrid Kuljanic Transatlantic Exploration Company “Oj Vi Mlade” from Riva

Kalibé “Respire” from Mãe da Lua

Shujaat Husain Khan “Let Me” from Will You?

Set break — Spin The Globe world music concert calendar

Chopteeth Afrofunk Big Band “warriors” from Bone Reader

Gili Yalo “Selam” from Gili Yalo

Yungdrung Gyal & Wangmo “Lucky Time” from The Voice of Nature

Minor Empire “Mendilimin Yesili” from Uprooted



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