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2012-02-23 World Music Top 10, February

This week, a romp through the sounds of our monthly Top 10 chart, featuring the best new music on Planet Earth. Full reviews of many of these albums coming soon at SoundRoots.org —

2012-02-17: Mardi Gras / Carnival / Carnaval!

We may be starting to see the hints of spring here in the north, but in Brazil it’s time for a full-on sweaty summer street party. Our Carnaval on the air features music from Brazil, Trinidad, New Orleans, and other corners of the earth where Carnival/Carnaval is celebrated. Plus some new releases and such in […]

2012-02-10 Iraq Meets Hungary

In our first ping-ponging show of the year, we bounced between Iraq and Hungary, and found some curious musical connections therein. In the second hour of the show, new releases and concert previews dominated. Thanks for listening, and thanks to our new likers on Facebook!

2012-02-03 Music from a Global Cafe

This week, music from the Spin The Globe Cafe, a small cozy bistro that exists only in my mind. But the sounds from its eclectic live stage exist in the real world, as captured in this two-hour radio show archive. Enjoy! You can find current and past episodes of Spin The Globe for free online […]

2012-01-27: Polyrhythmics live at KAOS

What a way to round out the month… the Polyrhythmics joined me live in the KAOS performance studio for a rousing set of funky global music, including songs from their recent album Labrador and some unrecorded tracks. You may think of global funk as an evening sound, but they proved it works for the morning […]

2012-01-20 Snowed Out

Here’s your belated confirmation that there was no show this week. The snow and ice storm was quick and messy, knocking down a lot of tree limbs which in turned knocked out a lot of electricity, including that which supplies the KAOS transmitter. The station was fine, and could have broadcast using our fanch-schmancy generator. […]

2012-01-13 Music of the Kora (West African Harp)

Prompted by a new CD release and a local concert tomorrow, we explored the many sounds of the West African kora today — a harp that’s been used in classical Jali (griot) music as well as in global fusions with other instruments. In the second hour of the show, new releases and concert previews. And […]

2001-01-06 New World Music Releases

This week we continued to celebrate the new hear by spinning new releases, many of which have not been heard on KAOS before. Is this what 2012 will sound like? Only staying tuned will tell.  Happy new year! Remember: the STG podcast has moved — you can now find the current and past episodes at […]

2011-12-30 New Year’s Eve Eve Dance Party

A bit different format as we experiment with some new software, but don’t worry — the playlist will always be available here. And this one was particularly fun, as we threw out any pretense of a show theme and just went for straight-up energy and dance-ability. I hope you have as much fun listening as […]

2011-12-23 Happy Global Holidays!

This week’s show celebrated all the winter holidays you could think of…and then some. Happy Hanukkah, Solstice, and Christmas to you all, and thanks for tuning in! The STG podcast has moved — you can now find the current and past episodes at http://www.mixcloud.com/SpinTheGlobe/ Hour 1 Costa Neto   –   Boas festas Moçambique   –   World Christmas […]