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2012-04-20 Global Mambo + Pledge Plea

It’s Tito Puente’s birthday! We celebrated the King of the Timbales by playing his music, and other music in the salsa-mambo vibe from all over the planet this week. Plus new releases and other groovy stuff in hour 2. Please give us the gift of your membership to your favorite community radio station during the […]

2012-04-13 Top 10 Global CDs

This week, a journey across borders and up the monthly global music chart, from New Orleans at #10 to the Israeli-Malian collaboration at #1. Plus new releases and show previews in hour 2. Good luck for all, even on Friday the 13th. Enjoy the ride!

2012-04-06 Songs of the Moon

With the full moon getting ready to make an appearance this evening, this show celebrates the moon through music. Plus new releases and concert previews in hour 2. Oh, and congrats to the winner of the tickets to the Makedonians show! Have a great weekend, all… Remember that you can find current and past episodes […]

2012-03-30 New Releases, Faves, Concert Previews

We shook the global tree this week, harvesting musical fruits from every corner of the planet. New releases, some old favorites, requests, and previews of upcoming tours. All that in two hours of fresh, fresh global sounds. Enjoy!

2012-03-23: Water Music

Thirsty? This week’s show is here to quench that thirst. In conjunction with UN World Water Day, songs about water in many forms, from waves to waterfalls. Drink up!

2012-03-16 Global Harmony + Irish Music

This week’s show featured a lot of global vocal harmonies, a few Irish tunes in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, and a sprinkle of new releases and show previews. See you at Playing For Change tonight?

2012-03-09 Balkan Music + Goh Kurosawa live in-studio

Not one but two special features in this week’s show. First we heard from Christos Govetas about Seattle’s first annual Balkan Night Northwest, happening March 10 (http://www.balkannightnw.com) sandwiched amongst some tasty Balkan music. Then in the second hour, we had live guitar music in the KAOS studios from touring musician Goh Kurosawa (http://www.happysad.org/goh/english/index.html). It was […]

2012-03-02 Music of African Women

This week to celebrate Miriam Makeba’s 4 March birthday, music from her and other African women. Plus a couple of guys thrown in by request.

2012-02-23 World Music Top 10, February

This week, a romp through the sounds of our monthly Top 10 chart, featuring the best new music on Planet Earth. Full reviews of many of these albums coming soon at SoundRoots.org —

2012-02-17: Mardi Gras / Carnival / Carnaval!

We may be starting to see the hints of spring here in the north, but in Brazil it’s time for a full-on sweaty summer street party. Our Carnaval on the air features music from Brazil, Trinidad, New Orleans, and other corners of the earth where Carnival/Carnaval is celebrated. Plus some new releases and such in […]