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Spin the Globe Playlist for 11 October 2002

Music of North Africa + interview with Joseph "Pepe" Danza

Khaled Alech Taadi N'ssi N'ssi Polygram
Bellemou Messaoud Nediha Gaouria Rough Guide to Rai World Music Network
Sawt el Atlas Ness (People) featuring Natacha Atlas Donia Sony/Tinder
Kheirana Embarec, vocal Victory of the Lord of Humanity Sahrauis Intuition
Aziza Brahim & Tarba Bibo The Earth Spills Tears Sahrauis Intuition
Hossam ramzy Sahara Groove Sahara Groove ARC
Emma Shapplin The Inferno Galactic Caravan Mondo/Arc 21
Hakim Ana Ahebbak Galactic Caravan Mondo/Arc 21
Salamat & Brand New Nubians O Samba ezzayakoum Piranha
interview with Joseph "Pepe" Danza included live perfomance of the song "South America from a Sattelite" Pepe's web page: www.pepe-music.com  
Joseph "Pepe" Danza Waltzing with Shiva Vancouver Sacred Music Festival 2000 WCSAS
Djelimady Tounkara Yamaryo Sigui Indigo
Oliver Mtukudzi Right Direction Jit Soundtrack Earthworks/ Virgin

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