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Spin The Globe Playlist for 2 November 2001

Show included interview with Steven Foerr, author of Dancing With Fidel


  Oliver Mtukudzi Wake Up Tuku Music Putumayo  
  Delkha Bas-Konayed (No Bloodshed) Delkha Delkha  
  3 Mustaphas 3 Ah Ya Assmar El Lawn Play Musty for Me Kartini  
  Lugua & the Lurabeya Drummers Lugua Hama Lurudu Rough Guide to Central America World Music Network  
  Orishas Intro a lo Cubano Universal  
  Orishas 537 C.U.B.A. a lo Cubano Universal  
  Ray Lema Youbati Tyour Gnaoua/Safi Tinder  
  Hasidic New Wave Frydginator Belly of Abraham Knitting Factory  
  Kalass Journey Revealed Kalass Sahelia Productions  
  Shabaz Badel (Thunder Clouds) Shabaz Mondo  
  Hevia El Salton The Other Side Higher Octave  
  Natacha Atlas From Russia With Love Shaken & Stirred Sire  


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