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Spin The Globe Playlist for 25 January 2002

Hour 1: World Music A-Z Project: Congo to Egypt

Hour 2: Ethnotone Music Hour

Ry-Co Jazz (Republic of Congo) Marie Jose Rough Guide to Congolese Soukous World Music Network
Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca (Democratic Republic of Congo) Nganga Kisi Sao Salvador Putumayo
i Muvrini (Corsica) Un So Micca Venuti (They Did Not Come) I Muvrini Higher Octave
Afro Caribe (Costa Rica) El Negrito Rough Guide to Central America World Music Network
Stelios Phoustalierakis (Crete) I Enjoy My Troubles Vocal Music in Crete Smithsonial Folkways
Mixed Chorus (Croatia) Love Song Folk Music of Yugoslavia Folkways
Omar Sosa (Cuba) Sucesion en Blanco Sentir Ota
DJ X the Greek (Cyprus) Athens 2004 Underground House self
Iva Bittova (Czech Republic) Dedecek (Grandfather) Iva Bittova Nonesuch
Ophelia (Dominica) Une Chanson d'amour Rhythm of the Times Mark Off Mark
Xiomara Fortuna (Dominican Republic) Baisabi Kumbajei Circular Moves
Carmen Gonzalez (Ecuador) Eleggua Carambe Network
Ali Hassan Kuban (Egypt) Gammal Real Nubian Piranha


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