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Spin the Globe Playlist for 2 February 2001

Featuring interview with Dave Watt of The Motet


Csokolom Gankino Horo May I Kiss Your Hand Arhoolie

Csokolom Mysterieuse May I Kiss Your Hand Arhoolie

Djelem Codru Gypsy Caravan Putumayo

Saban Bajramovic Pena Gypsy Caravan Putumayo

Andro Drom Ahaj Devla (Oh My God) Gypsy Live on the Road North Pacific

Kocani Orkestar Nikol World of Gypsies ARC

Valeri Dimchev Trio Katina Kopanitsa The Bulgarian Tamboura ARP

Black Cat Orchestra Yaleli -- Irene

Istanbul Oriental Ensemble Katar Caravanserai Network

Yeghish Manoukian Arten Mooten Ungel Eh Echo of the Mountains ARP

The Motet Rhumbata Play aNOnym

The Motet Minha Mae Ochunmare Play aNOnym

The Motet The Lesson Play aNOnym

Tartit Ikbayene Ichichila Network

Chata Addy I Am Who I Am The Children Chata Addy

Nakodje Nana -- Iris

Amadou & Mariam Be'smi Lalane Tje Ni Mousso Circular Moves

Istanbul Oriental Ensemble Gelinin Oynamasi Caravanserai Network

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