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Spin The Globe Playlist for 29 March 2002

Hour 1: World Music A-Z Project: Samoa to Somalia

Hour 2: new releases, plus special set by Taiwan's Labor Exchange Band

Samoa Sisters (Samoa) The Tide is High Alofa Fa'avalea (Crazy Love)  
Randy Roberts (San Marino) No Stop Super Sanremo 97  
Africa Negra (Sao Tome & Principe) Ple Can Palop Africa! Stern's/Earthworks
Ardino Marras (Sardinia) A Su Duce Italianu Secret Museum of Mankind Vol. 4 Yazoo
Talal El Maddah (Saudi Arabia) Untitled Song 1 Best of Talal El Maddah Sonodisc
MacUmba (Scotland) Asa Branca Bruhuhaho Greentrax
Baaba Maal (Senegal) Leydi Ma Mi Yeewnii / Missing You Palm
Vojin Lutic (Serbia) Siroko Lisce Secret Museum of Mankind Vol. 4 Yazoo
Andrea Laporte (Seychelles) Clementine Seychelles: Musiques Oubliees "des Iles" Ocoro
S.E. Rogie (Sierre Leone) Koneh Pela Woe (Please Open Your Heart) Dead Men Don't Smoke Marajana Real World
Dick Lee (Singapore) Mustapha The Mad Chinaman WEA Singapore
Gyorgy Ando (Slovakia) Ballads Ajfalusi Utca Vegig Bazsarozsa Fono
Unnamed Panpipe Ensemble (Solomon Islands) Mbumbusa (Warrior's Cry) Voices of Forgotton Worlds Ellipsis Arts
Waaberi (Somalia) Indo Ashak (love eyes) New Dawn Real World
hour 2      
Mahotella Queens & Ulali with others Ma' Africa 1 Giant Leap Palm
Angelique Kidjo Black Ivory Soul Black Ivory Soul Columbia
Hori Chapman Toku Reo Iwi Hit Disc 2 NZ On Air
Labor Exchange Band So We Sing Mountain Songs WOMEX 2002 Sampler Trees Music & Art
Labor Exchange Band Two Generations The Night March of the Chrysanthemums Trees Music & Art
Labor Exchange Band Ao WOMEX 2002 Sampler Trees Music & Art
Fermin Muguruza Brigadistak Brigadistak Sound System Piranha
Freestylers Weekend Song Pressure Point Mammoth
Carlton Rara One More Time Percussion and Voices Carlton Rara
Ramadu Amalobolo Izambulelo ARC
Dissidenten Instinctive Traveler (Funk.ed Up Mix) World Lounge Putumayo


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