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Spin the Globe Playlist for 17 May 2002

World music from the USA

Babaloo (Boston) Samangwana Hardcore Juju Butcher's Ghost
Locos por Juana (Miami) El Preso Locos por Juana MP Online
Pepe & the Bottle Blondes (Portland) Rumba de 5 Kilos Latenight Betty Geisha Boy
Kane Mathis (Seattle) Hamma Ba Jata Bantam Ba Kouyate Kaira
Jamshied Sharifi (Kansas City) Tarigat A Prayer for the Soul of Layla Alula
Janah (Atlanta) Oil on my Head World that Surrounds You Rattlesby
Estaire Godinez (Minneapolis) Ritmo y Sudor Latino Groove Soulfood
Los Mocosos (San Francisco) Llegaron Los Mocosos Shades of Brown Six Degrees
Gabriele Roth (New York) Luna Luna Raven
Agua Dulce (San Diego) Juana Searching for Juana Agua Dulce
Antibalas (New York) N.E.S.T.A. 75 Talkatif Ninjatune
Maya Soleil (Seattle) Run Don't Walk Dance of the New Sun Paradise Road
Brooklyn Funk Essentials (Brooklyn) Istanbul Twilight In the Buzzbag Shanachie
Caribbean Pulse (Los Angeles) Victory Stand Up Irie
Casper Loma-da-wa (Hopi, Arizona) Original Landlord Original Landlord Third Mesa
Reggae Cowboys (Toronto...okay, not in the USA, but close!) Wild West Indian Rock Steady Rodeo Tumbleweed
Gipsy Kings (France, not USA - for World Cup news spot) Oh Eh Oh Eh Music of the World Cup 98 Columbia
Bothers of the Baladi (Portland) Heart of the Beast Heart of the Beast Brothers of the Baladi
Incendio (Los Angeles) Festival de Luces Misterioso Paras
Guarneri Underground (Seattle) Uplands Ride Captive Guarneri Underground
Bonnie Devlin (Cape Cod) Nago Action of Grace Lyrichord
Paul Pena (San Francisco) Kargyraa Moan Genghis Blues Six Degrees
Mickey Hart (San Francisco) Tall Grass Planet Drum Superlingua 360/Ryko
Quetzal (Los Angeles) Mia Sing the Real Vanguard


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