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Cover the Earth Playlist for 28 May 2002

Hijas del Sol Experiencia Kotto Nubenegra
Louis Mhlanga Chifamba Shamwari Sheer Sound
Albita Vivo Hecho a Mano Times Square
Brannigan Kaa Ka Hono Jei Au Iwi Hit Disc 9 NZ On Air
Wiri Mako Black et. al. Ta Moko 1 Giant Leap Palm
David Murray & the Gwo-Ka Masters Onomatopee (Boula Djel) Yonn-De Justin Time
Fula Flute Kema Bourema Fula Flute Blue Monster
Zawose & Brook Chilumi Kigumi/ Tricky Voices Assembly Real World
Ojoyo Pedal Pusher African Gold Giraffe
Oliver Mtukudzi Ziva Nguva Vhunze Moto Putumayo
Tony Bird Mango Time Sorry Africa Philo
Cecilia Pitina Ciamma Spunta 'na Rosa Vice Versa
Charles Marcellesi with Mario Lucio & Boy Ge Mendes Santa Maria Corsicaboverde Lusafrica
* Dick Lee Springtime Orientalism WEA Singapore *
A.R. Rahman Narumagaiye (from the film Iruvar) Mondo India Mondo Melodia
Bollywood Brass Band Ramta Jogi (from the film Taal) Rahmania Emergency Exit Arts
Jalilah featuring Mokhtar al Said w/ drum solo by Nigm Nabil Rakiya's Tabla Rough Guide to Bellydance World Music Network
Ustad Mohammad Omar Keliwali Virtuoso from Afghanistan Smithsonian Folkways
Mahmoud Fadl Jibal al Nuba (Mountains of Nubia) The Drummers of the Nile Go South Piranha
Mahmoud Fadl Jirk The Drummers of the Nile Go South Piranha
Charivari Trio La Piragua Abre! Channel Crossings
Gino Sitson Song Zin'... Song Zin'... Piranha

* this week's Mud Bay Tiki Lounge selection

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