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Cover the Earth (substitute host) Playlist for 30 July 2002

Les Yeux Noirs Balamouk Balamouk World Village
Azam Ali La Serena Portals of Grace Narada
Whiri Mako Black et. al. Ta Moko 1 Giant Leap Palm
Markus James Goin' Home Nightbird Firenze
Issa Bagayogo Madomba Sya Six Degrees
Lokua Kanza Good Bye Toyebi Te Yewo
*MacUmba Dinky's Bruhuhaho Greentrax
Zuco 103 Brief Passions Tales of High Fever Six Degrees
*Musicians of Micronesia Jebua Stick Dance Music of Micronesia Saydisc
Calypso Mama Mary Had No Little Lamb Calypso Mama with the Lad Richards Orchestra ART
Te Vaka Te Vaka Ka Fano Nukukehe Spirit of Play
Tony Mangra Me Lembeh Loverman Lots of Movement
Amadou & Mariam Beki Miri Tje Ni Mousso Circular Moves
D'Gary Bobo-Drano Akata Meso Indigo
Louis Mhlanga Shamwari Shamwari Sheer Sound
Bnet Marrakech Khamsa Chama'a l'empriente digitale
Children of the Revolution Alythia (The Truth) Children of the Revolution World Music 2000
The Makedonians Bellilint Folklor MAK
*Macka B Get Conscious Roots and Culture RAS
Andre Toussaint Watermelon Spoilin'/Here I Go Walkin' Bahamian Ballads Naxos
Barrio Chino Salam Mediterra Nostra Candela
Rene Lacaille & Bob Brozman Loze Digdig Riverboat
Dimas Costa Mal-me-quer Music of South Brazil ARC
David Murray & the Gwo-Ka Masters Yonn-De Yonn-De Justin Time

* Listener Requests

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