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Spin the Globe Playlist for 17 August 2001

"World music" artists in the USA


  Maya Soleil Snappy Boots Dance of the New Sun Paradise Road  
  Irena Farrera Walking in the Jungle Walking in the Jungle Same Sea Music  
  Incendio Misterioso Misterioso Paras  
  VAS Ceremony of Passage In the Garden of Souls Narada  
  Rhythm Culture Lower Vibration Keep the Wild Free Harvest Moon  
  Clinton Fearon & the Boogie Brown Band Raised in the Jungle What a System Kool Yu Foot  
  The Makedonians Bulent Tidbit/cadir Folklor MAK  
  The Black Cat Orchestra El Gallinazo Mysteries Explained Irene  
  Children of the Revolution Alythia (The Truth) -- World Music 2000  
  Children of the Revolution Eleftheria (Freedom) -- World Music 2000  
  New Orleans Klezmer Allstars Struttin' with some Doner Kabab Fresh Out the Past Shanachie  
  Klezmatics Moroccan game Possessed Xenophile  
  New Nile Orchestra Hubbeni New Flower Addison Ababa  
  Dumazz Manyaka Mother Rhythm Narada  
  Babaloo Samangwana Hardcore Juju Butcher's Ghost  
  Guarneri Underground Gazirah New World Twisted Fiddle  
  The Motet Minha Mae Ochunmare Play Anonym  
  Brooklyn Funk Essentials Freeway to Uskudar In the Buzzbag Shanachie  
  Sabah Habas Mustapha Bubi Chen So La Li Kartini  
  Paul Pena Kargyraa Moan Ghengis Blues Sountrack Six Degrees  
  Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra Dirt and Blood Liberation Afrobeat Vol. 1 Ninjatune  

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