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Spin the Globe Playlist for 23 August 2002

Hour 1: Spanish/Latin music in the USA

Patricia Melecio Funky Latin Boogalu Mo' Vida Putumayo
Ely Guerra Prometo Ser Lotofire EMI/Higher Octave
Locos Por Juana Exotic Locos Por Juana MP
Los Cafres Hormiga Espejitos Luar Music
Yeska Fideo (para aqui) Skafrocubanjazz Aztlan
Obrador Tzunduza Live in Havana Obrador
Quetzal Cenzontle Sing the Real Vanguard
Memori Cigarillo Rock en la USA My Music
Lila Downs Soy Pescador Border Narada
Obrador Plena Pa Ti Live in Havana Obrador
Los Mocosos Tito Puente Shades of Brown Six Degrees
Pepe & the Bottle Blondes Rumba de 5 kilos Latenight Betty Geisha Boy
Hour 2      
Tama Foli Espace Real World
Thomas Mapfumo & the Blacks Unlimited Magobo Manhungetunge Anonym
Bayuba Cante Ide Were Orunmila's Dance Network
Romero, Redhouse, & Cody Dance of the Warrior Native Flamenco Canyon
Misia Duas Luas Ritual Erato
Mongo Santamaria Happy as a Fat Rat in a Cheese Factory Mambo Mongo Sonido
La Tribu La Tuna Ataca Music Lane
Children of the Revolution Rumba Athena Keep Holding On World Music 2000
Mo' Horizons Remember Tomorrow Asian Groove Putumayo
Susheela Raman mamavatu Asian Groove Putumayo
Mali Music Niger Mali Music Astralwerks
Zap Mama Nostalgie Amoureuse Push It to the Max EP Luaka Bop

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