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Spin the Globe Playlist for 31 August 2001

Hour 2: Bumbershoot preview


  3 Mustaphas 3 Perfida Play Musty for Me Kartini  
  3 Mustaphas 3 Speed the Traktor Play Musty for Me Kartini  
  Manu Dibango Pata Piya Electric Africa Terrascape  
  Barachois La Marmotteuse World Playground 2 Putumayo  
  Mawaca Qyria Yefefyia Astrolabio tucupira.com.brasil MCD  
  Hoven Droven Kuben-the cube jippa Northside  
  Los Fabulosos Cadillacs Carmela Hola BMG  
  Gigi Bale Washintu Gigi Palm  
  Ana Rita Simonka Mais Filhos de Gandhi Bossa Nova Delhi MCD  
  Koo Nimo Annua (Trees) Tete Wobi Ka Humansongs  
  Obo Addy Sunshine (Hulu) Okropong Earthbeat  
  Clinton Fearon Sing Your Song What a System Kool Yu Foot  
  Laura Love Setiva Fourteen Days Zoe  
  Guarneri Underground Uplands Ride Captive Twisted Fiddle  
  King Chango El Santo The Return of El Santo Luaka Bop  
  New Orleans Klezmer Allstars Struttin' With Some Doner Kabob Fresh Out the Past Shanachie  
  King Sunny Ade Ariya Seven Degrees North Mesa  
  Wild Magnolias Saints -- Barclay France  

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