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Spin the Globe Playlist for 13 September 2002

New Releases

Nawal Al Djalilu (The Almighty) Island Blues Network
Kali Aline vole (Aline Has Stolen) Island Blues Network
Gondwana 11 de Septiembre Made in Jamaica RAS
Orishas Ausencia (feat. Niko Noki) Emigrante Surco/Universal
Makale Istek Bela Kingstanbul Barraka
David Krakauer As If The Twelve Tribes Label Bleu
Frank London's Klezmer Brass Allstars Lieberman Funky Freylekhs Brotherhood of Brass Piranha
Yat-Kha Kuu-la Khashtyn Baaryndan (At the Foot of a Mountain) Yenisei-Punk Global Music Center
Tanmoy Bose Jhaptal Solo Tabla Bol
Tabla Beat Science Tala Matrix Live in San Francisco at Stern Grove Axiom/Palm
RebbeSoul Eliyahu Change the World with a Sound RebbeSoul Music
Sally Nyolo Djini Djome The World of Lusafrica Lusafrica
Gary Stroutsos Chango The Natural Order Paras
Live phone interview with Gary Stroutsos      
Ephat Mujuru The Train Journey of the Soul Alula
Issa Bagayogo Sya Sya Six Degrees
Lo'Jo Petit Homme Au Cabaret Sauvage World Village
Anouar Brahem Deja La Nuit Pe Pas du Chat Noir ECM
Mamar Kassey Zamani Alatoumi World Village
Freceric Galliano (vocals: Naffi Diedhou) Koutiom Frederic Galliano and the African Divas F Communications

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