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Spin The Globe Playlist for 28 September 2001

First show in new time slot! Requests and new music.


  Elis Regina Canto de Ossanha Os Sonhos Mais Lindos Universal  
  Albert Mangelsdorff Signals Capoeira Mata Um Tropical Music  
  Cascabulho Hunger Gives You a Headache Hunger Gives You a Headache Piranha  
  Fanfare Ciocarlia Besh O Drom (Keep on Walking) Iag Bari Piranha  
  Fanfare Ciocarlia Hora Andalusia Iag Bari Piranha  
  Taraf de Haidouks Bride in a Red Dress Band of Gypsies Nonesuch  
  Bollywood Brass Band (Ek Ho Gaye) Hum Aur Tum (You & I Are One -- Emergency Exit Arts  
  A.R. Rahman Sowkkiyamma Mondo India Mondo Melodia  
  Shabaz Caravan -- Mondo Melodia  
  Beyond the Pale Gyration Routes Borealis  
  Andy Hotel California And My Heart Is... Mondo Melodia  
  Lagbaja Me and You No' Be Enemy We Before Me Indigedisc  
  Kola Ogunkoya Tepamoshe FM Foreign Mentality Gbedu  
  Koo Nimo Ennua Tete Wobi Ka Humansong  
  Ifang Bondi Munya Isi Balu Gis Gis MW  
  Rabanes I Shot the Law -- Crescent Moon  
  Hijos del Sol incansable Para Quien Quiera Escuchar Fonovisa  
  Dhol Foundation Big Drum Small World Big Drum Small World Shakti  
  Macka B Mother of Civilisation Global Messenger Ariwa  
  Habib Koite Cigarette Abana Baro Putumayo  

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