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Spin the Globe Playlist for 24 October 2003
English-language world music, plus some new releases

* = Specific listener request/response

Lagbaja Bad Leadership ...C'est un African Thing Motherlan' Music
Zulu Spear Welcome to the USA Welcome to the USA Liberty
*Hugh Masekela Marketplace Hope Worldly / Triloka
*Vusi Mahlasela When You Come Back The Voice Ato
Chief Udoh Essiet I Don't Care Time for Highlife  
Manu Chao Bongo Bong World Playground Putumayo
*Los Mocosos Brown and Proud EP Aztlan
Mighty Sparrow & Lord Melody Picong Duel Calypso Awakening Smithsonian Folkways
Urban Turban Fear Overtime Blue Flame
Blue Planet Peace for Kabul Peace for Kabul Blue Flame

a little cover-song set:

Super Eagles #Hey Jude Senegambian Sensation RetroAfric
New Primitives #Get Together New Primitives Pilot Knob
Senor Coconut #Beat It Fiesta Songs Emperor Norton
LaVon Hardison #One Note Samba EP  

back to our regularly scheduled music:

Calypso Mama Mary Had no Little Lamb Calypso Mama with the Lad Richards Orchestra Art Records
Children of the Revolution Eleftheria (Freedom!) Children of the Revolution World Music 2000
Joe Chibangu Ba Mudala The Ambassador Mondo Music
Oumou Sangare Ya La Mali Lolo! Stars of Mali Smithsonian Folkways
La Kumpania Zelwer Daissa Daïssa Le Chant du Monde
Orkestina Groovski Ritmi Transylvania Express World Village
*Pangéo Poulaki Kseno Northern Borders Pangeo
Svein Westad et. al. Munnharpetone fra Rajasthan Munnharpas Verden - The Jews Harp World Etnisk Musikklubb
Ali Hassan Kuban Mabruk Oxfam Arabia World Music Network
Jef Stott Funky Nawari (featuring Reda Darwish) Arabian Travels 2 Six Degrees


Show Notes: Record rainfalls (5-6 inches in 24 hours) followed by record high temperatures (they're saying it may be 80 on Sunday, Oct. 26). Climate change? Nah....

I actually spent a good part of the week immersed in Al Franken's book "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right" -- really fascinating reading, and essential if you are interested in knowing just how stupid certain politicians and journalists think you are. Prove them wrong - read this, then go out and fight for truth, decency, and democracy over lies, slander, and fear-mongering. Really, I'm serious. Democracy doesn't work if people believe blindly without thinking. And as this book shows, many parts of our democracy are broken. We the people need to fix them.

# Our cover song of the week went nuts and multiplied! We had a little set of four (yes, FOUR!) cover songs, including perhaps the only Michael Jackson song you'll ever hear on Spin the Globe.


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