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Spin the Globe Playlist for 21 November 2003
* = Specific listener request/response

Marietou Gnouma Kela Ibaketem Next Music
Blue Planet Blue Planet Go Global Blue Flame
Correo Aereo El Caiman Lo Que Me Dijo El Viento Correo Aereo
*Uakti Alua Mapa Point Music
Incendio Loretana Incendio New World Music
Klezmer Conservatory Band Sholem Tants (Dance of Peace) A Taste of Paradise Rounder
La Kumpania Zelwer Shir Hashirim Daissa Le Chant du Monde
*Kiss Erzsi Music Yo-Yo-Yo Kiss Erzsi Music Bahia
Pavel Fajt & Vaclav Korinek Dynamis Ladakh 567 Indies
Zubop George Formby Hiptodisiac self
The African National Congress Choir Toyi Toyi Mix Mandela Original Soundtrack Mango
Chief Udoh Essiet I Don't Care Time for Highlife self
Barun Pal & Ray Spiegel Raga Malkauns:Drut Gat (Teen Tal) Ragas on Slide Guitar Simla House
Jeff Beal & Nawang Khechog Purges Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion Karuna
Mylene Pires Coracao Tonto _Mylene Fast Horse
King Chango # Venezuelan in New York # Outlandos D'Americas Ark 21
Reptile Palace Orchestra Uranus Sirtez We Know You Know Omnium
Super Rail Band de Bamako Kongo Sigui Kongo Sigui Label Bleu
Maalem Mahjoub Marhba / Gnawi Sidi Mimoun Maalem Mahjoub & les Gnawa de Marrakech Sound of World
Lo'Jo & Django Jah Kas Cool Boy Festival in the Desert World Village
Daude Muito Quente Neguinha Te Amo Real World
Richard Bona Balemba Na Bwemba Munia / The Tale Verve


Show Notes: Thanks to everyone who called to become a KAOS member or renew their membership during Spin the Globe. With the great level of support, we were able to surpass our goal of $20,000 and end the drive a day early. Thanks for supporting Spin the Globe and KAOS-FM!

# Our cover song of the week was King Chango's twist on Sting's "Englishman in New York" - their version is "Venezuelan in New York" concerning not just being a foreigner in the US, but an illegal alien. A great song, enhanced and changed.


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