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Spin the Globe Playlist for 28 November 2003
* = Specific listener request/response

Sacred Music / Tunes of Gratitude

Jai Uttal with Sheva Om Namah Shivaya World Festival of Sacred Music: The Americas Bindu
Lila Downs Semilla de Piedra World Festival of Sacred Music: The Americas Bindu
Marion Williams Didn't It Rain? Sacred Chants / Chants Sacres Naive
*Dhol Foundation Colours of Punjab Big Drum: Small World Shakti
Coco Mbassi Bayedi Sepia Tinder
*Vusi Mahlasela A Prayer for Our Time The Voice Ato
Desmond Tutu My Motor Under Me Is Running Hot (a prayer from Ghana) An African Prayer Book Sounds True
Stella Chiweshe Huvhimi - The Vision for Hunters Talking Mbira Piranha
Peter Ross Balinese Theme Bamboo Spirit Peter Ross
Musa Dieng Kala Mawahibu Shakawtu - Faith Shanachie
Gershom Sizomu We Are Happy Abayudaya: Music from the Jewish People of Uganda Smithsonian Folkways
*Antion Love, Serve, and Remember One in the Goodness Antion
Yaya Diallo Nangape Nangape Onzou
Andre Thibault Samar Westcoast Sacred Music Festival 2000 sampler WCSAS
Joseph Spence and the Pinder Family # Standing in Need of Prayer # Kneeling Down Inside the Gate: The Great Rhyming Singers of the Bahamas Rounder
*Krishna Das Devi "Rave" Pilgrim Heart Triloka
Afrocuba de Mantanzas Santeria Sacred Music of the World ARC
San Juan Pueblo / Native American Indians Butterfly Dance Sacred Music of the World ARC
Oi Va Voi D'Ror Yikra Laughter through Tears Outcaste
Ojos de Brujo Ventilaur R-80 Bari La Fabrica de Colores
Garikayi Trikoti Usaore Moyo Maidei Limitless Sky
Tekameli Fil de Deu Religious Gypsy Songs Long Distance
Klezmer Conservatory Band Az Der Rebe Elimaylekh A Taste of Paradise Rounder
Sheldon Sands Niggun: Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem Dead Sea Strolls Sheldon Sands


Show Notes: This week's show was a touch mellower than the average Spin the Globe, perfect for a gray, wet day in the Northwest.

# Our cover song of the week was guitarist Joseph Spence's version of the traditional song "Standing in Need of Prayer."


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