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Spin the Globe Playlist for 27 June 2003

Music of East Africa + interview with Rosa Tyabji of Limitless Sky Records

* = Specific listener request/response

Vusi Mahlasela Red Song The Voice Ato
Mabalu (Mozambique) Shikwata Karimbo Tugboat/ World Music Network
unnamed (Tanzania) Cimdolobwa Masumbi: Wagogo Entertainment Music Ocora
Aster Aweke (Ethiopia) Kezira Kabu Columbia
Hukwe Zawose (Tanzania) Chilumi Vhibite Real World
Tondo (Tanzania) Msafiri Tanzanian Classics Dakar Sound
*Interview with Rosa Tyabji of Limitless Sky Records, who has recorded and is releasing music from Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and elsewhere in East Africa.
Ndala Kasheba Kokolay Yellow Card Limitless Sky
*Part two of interview with Rosa Tyabji
Garikayi Trikoti (Zimbabwe) Maidei New African Composers Vol. 1 Limitless Sky
Gigi (Ethiopia) Gud Fella Gigi Palm
Chilu Lemba (Zambia) Shibuka (Arise) Shibuka Brokenhill Media
Hour 2: New Releases
Gotan Project época La Revancha del Tango XL Recordings
Havana Mambo Mananiña Salsa Around the World Putumayo
Perla Batalla Cuando Sale La Luna Discoteca Batalla Mechuda
Wendo Kolosoy Toko Wela Wela Amba World Village
Mamani Keita & Marc Minelli Demisonoun Electro Bamako Palm
Bill Frisell Baba Drame The Intercontinentals Nonesuch
Nasiba Orizu Samarkand Blue Flame
dj Cheb i Sabbah / Trilok Gurtu Have We Lost Our Dream? As Far As - a dj mix Six Degrees
Vusi Mahlesela Mayibuye Amandla Ato


Show Notes: One of my revelations this week was the voice of Vusi Mahlesela from South Africa. Sitting down to do a review of his new CD The Voice, I didn't want to think about dissecting the music with words; it's just beautiful. I opened and closed with his voice this week. Doing research for this week's theme, I found a paucity of East African CDs in my library as well as at KAOS. I'll be working to remedy that, though I was able to put together more than an hour of great music, including some produced by Rosa Tyabji of Limitless Sky Records, who shared some of her musical and cultural knowledge with us this week. Rosa told me off-mic that she's hoping to get some of the Limitless Sky artists to the US on tour in the future. I'll be looking to get them into the KAOS studio for some music. Stay tuned.

# Our cover song of the week was on vacation this week, but will be back next week.


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