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Spin the Globe Playlist for 6 June 2003

New releases & requests

* = Specific listener request/response

Mabulu AIDS (But Hope) Soul Marrabenta Riverboat
Pape Kanouté Seremende Griot from Senegal ARC
Vital Signs Guzay Zamaney Waley Rough Guide to Pakistan World Music Network
Adnan Sami Khan Lift Kara De Rough Guide to Pakistan World Music Network
Balkan Playboys Little Dance on Little Street Balkaninis Felmay
*Frifot Blomstertid Sluring Northside
Hedningarna Suet Ulvo 1989-2003 Northside
*Malopoets Intsizwa Only the Poorman Feel It: South Africa Hemisphere
*Mzwakhe Mbuli No Easy Road Only the Poorman Feel It: South Africa Hemisphere
James Whetzel with Greg Campbell It takes so much energy to hate/Buy when death sells unreleased live track direct from artist n/a
Gasango Music & Dance Nouwamé (Something Happens to You) Ji self
Agbéto Défi self
Dénagan Janvier Honfo Aliho Kini Kana self
*Dr Didj T'boli Dust Devils Shakti
Ankala & WorldOrchestra West Wind East Didje Blows the Games Network
*Nomad Kava Songman Australian Music International
Rhany Chan-Chan Alamtini Atoll
Amr Diab Ana Ayesh Allem Alby Mondo Melodia
Natacha Atlas with Sinead O'Conner Simple Heart Something Dangerous Mantra
Ali Hassan Kuban Maria-Maria (Cubian Jungle Mix) Nubian Magic Mercator
Merrill Collins Humankind Is Our Family (excerpt) Music for Global Meditations Spiraling Music
Max-Lolo et la Groupe Trafic Love the Children Realite self
Achigo Band Tebo New African Composers Vol. 1 Limitless Sky
Makonde I Feel Reggae Ba-Makonde Rub a Dub


Show Notes: I've managed to collect a large number of cover songs, covers of both western pop tunes and well-known "world music" tunes. So each week I'll be playing one or two of these, starting with this week's Arabic-flavored cover of the Cuban classic "Chan-Chan." I'm still trying to figure out more about Rhany and how -- living in Tunesia and Morocco -- he got his taste for salsa and Cuban music.

This show had several distinct sets. Etienne Cakpo was unable to come to the studio for a scheduled interview during the recent International Childrens Festival, but kindly sent some CDs from Benin, including those from Gasango Music & Dance, Fâ, and Dénagan Janvier Honfo. We also had three sets prompted by listener requests: a fiddling/Nordic set (starting with Frifot), a didjeridoo set (starting with Dr Didj), and a couple South African township tunes from the CD "Only the Poorman Feel It."


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