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Spin the Globe Playlist for 4 July 2003

* = Specific listener request/response

Hugh Masekela Change Time Columbia
Thomsa Mapfumo Makoma J (Big Brother J) Toi Toi (Protest) Anonym
Rocky Dawuni In Ghana Reggae Around the World Putumayo
*The Gladiators Streets of Freedom Jamaica Putumayo
Bob Marley & The Wailers Four Hundred Years African Herbsman Trojan
Quetzal Alimentate Worksongs Vanguard
*Lila Downs Medley: Pastures of Plenty/ This Land Is Your Land/ Land Border Narada
*Dr Didj t'boli Dust Devils Shakti
*Debashish Bhattacharya & Bob Brozman Digi Digi Dom Dom Mahima Tugboat
Bayuba Cante Oba Ibo Orunmila's Dance Network
Amandla Poets War/Makube Njalo Makube Njalo Scintilla
Children of the Revolution Eleftheria (Freedom) -- World Music 2000
Vusi Mahlasela A Prayer for Our Time The Voice Ato
Achigo Band Watanzania Watu Wa Amani New African Composers Vol. 1 Limitless Sky
Umanji Xin'wana Na Xin'wana Wantolobela BMG Africa
Ghandaia Odara Uno Xochipilli
Motimba 'Ta Bueno Eso Monkey Vibrations Iris
Radio Mundial La Raíz La Raíz Palm
Bembeya Jazz Sanfaran Bembeya World Village
Besh O Drom Sfghan Can't Make Me Asphalt Tango
Solomon & Socalled Freylekhs Far Da Kale Hiphopkhasene Piranha
Schäl Sick Brass Band Selam Selam Kesh Mesh Westpark


Show Notes: Preparing for today's show, I was feeling distinctly less than festive. This is supposed to be a day of national celebration, but my armed forces are occupying two foreign nations, my government is spreading fear to justify undermining the very liberties we're supposedly celebrating, and the political opposition to all this is showing leadership skills somewhere short of breathtaking. I suppose this is a good reminder that liberty requires constant vigilance. So my musical selections reflect struggle as much as celebration, from the long-term, learned-from-exerience message of South Africa's Hugh Masekela ("everything must change...") to the final Turkish-flavored plea for peace "Selam Selam" from Cologne's Schäl Sick Brass Band. In that spirit, I wish you a happy Independence Day.

# Our cover song of the week was on vacation again this week, but sent a postcard. It promised to be back in time for next week's show.


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