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Spin the Globe Playlist for 1 August 2003

New Releases

* = Specific listener request/response

*Sekouba Bambino (former singer with Bembeya Jazz) Ate Tolama (Nothing Belongs to Me Sinikan Next / Sono
*Rumbanella Band El Congo Rumba Congolaise Marabi
*Ghandaia Las Olas Uno Xochipilli
The Latin Project Lei Lo Lai Neuva Musica Electric Monkey
Quetzal Alimentate Worksongs Vanguard
Elefante Fugitivo Jose Alfredo Jiminez XXX BMG
Motimba 'Ta Bueno Eso Monkey Vibrations Iris Music
Fabio Forte Emerald Pool Asia Blue Amiata
*Bembeya Jazz A Koukou We Bembeya World Village
Jabila Afrika Cry Africa Cry Rootsganza Converge
Tiken Jah Fakoly & Tribo de Jah Baba Drop the Debt World Village
Vusi Mahlasela When You Come Back The Voice ATO
Debashish Bhattacharya & Bob Brozman Loomba Re Loomba Mahima Riverboat
#Orlando Julius & his Modern Aces #My Girl Super Afro Soul Afrostrut
*Bembeya Jazz Lefa Bembeya World Village
Mahmoud Ahmed Lebesh Kabashen Live in Paris Long Distance
Dave Lichten Stop the Killing (excerpt) Prim8: the evolution Stop the Killing Productions
Sigi Finkel & African Heart Shumba Spirits of Rhythm Blue Flame
Cecilia Pitino U Spiculatori Sicilia: Canto Nuovo Iris Music
Kocani Orkestar Solo Tapan A Gypsy Brass Band Long Distance


Show Notes: Nice to have a theme-free week to focus on some of the great new releases we've received in the last couple months. Summer is always a good time for world music, with lots of bands touring and releasing CDs (myself, I got to the Zap Mama / Les Nubians show in Portland last Sunday on a beautiful warm evening, and saw Guarneri Underground in a lunchtime park concert). Got lots of calls in response to this music, and in response to the trip/show giveaway to see Bembeya Jazz in Victoria BC. For those who didn't win, you can still drive to the Seattle show Aug. 6. And if you're still stumped by the trivia questions, here are the answers:

  1. Q: Bembeya Jazz’s song “Regard Sur le Passe”-- an elaborate, 34-minute production in two parts-- won a national contest initiated by the president of Guinea to commemorate which great Manding leader?
    A: Almamy Samory Toure (died 1898).
  2. Q: What’s the meaning behind the band’s name?
    A: Named for a river that runs through Beyla, the town where the band was formed (in eastern Guinea near the border with Ivory Coast).
  3. Q: What event in 1973 led to a three-year hiatus for the band?
    A: The carcrash death of singer/composer/bandleader Aboubacar Demba Camara.
  4. Q: What’s the name and nickname of the lead guitarist, who was also a original member of the band, and how many guitars in the current incarnation of Bembeya Jazz?
    A: Sekou “Diamond Fingers” Diabate / four guitars (yes, that is a lot of guitars).

# Our cover song of the week was a Nigerian version of "My Girl" from 1966.


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