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Spin the Globe Playlist for 19 September 2003

Music of Peace and Justice - for International Day of Peace Sept. 21

* = Specific listener request/response

Ali Farka Toure Karaw Festival in the Desert World Village
Tinariwen Aldachan Manin Festival in the Desert World Village
Syd Kitchen & Madada Kunene Zimpi Zombango Bafo Bafo Bafo Bafo / Awesome Africa
Zuba Tomayzee (No War) unreleased n/a
Tony Allen Don't Fight Home Cooking Narada
Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra War Is a Crime Talkatif Ninjatune
Lagbaja Me and You No' Be Enemy (We Be Family) We Before Me Indigedisc
Vusi Mahlasela Voices (from a poem by Ken Saro Wiwa) Silang Mabela BMG Africa
Vusi Mahlasela Troubador Silang Mabela BMG Africa
Interview with François Mauger, producer of Drop the Debt
Baaba Maal Miyaabele (Unite) Missing You (Mi Yeewnii) Palm
Michael Mandrell & Benji Wertheimer Santosa (Contentment) Anjali Ancient Future
RebbeSoul Prayer for Peace - Harachaman Fringes of Blue Global Pacific
Seba Salam Ewa! Tinder
Coco Mbassi Muka Mwam (a prayer for African unity) Sepia Tinder
Sheldon Sands Niggun: Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem Dead Sea Strolls Hapi Skratch
Obo Addy Drumming Peace into the Twenty-First Century Wonche Bi Alula
Yale Strom Ten Plagues Cafe Jew Zoo Naxos World


Show Notes: Among the musicians I've spoken with, and whose liner notes I've read, there's a remarkable consensus about the futility of war and violence. So putting together a show on peace was a breeze. And these aren't all lite idealistic pieces; they get to the heart of the issues that later erupt in violence, as François Mauger pointed out in this week's interview. We ended the show with Yale Strom's funky "Ten Plagues," which outlines some of the woes facing society. Some of them are ancient, others -- like "Ashcroftism" -- are new. Listen to this music, then go out and spread peace instead of fear, communication instead of secrecy and suspicion.

# Our cover song of the week was a cover not of a song, but of a poem. In 1995, Nigerian poet and activist Ken Saro Wiwa was hanged by the Nigerian government. Vusi Mahlasela, a main voice of South Africa's anti-apartheid movement, set the poem to music in his song "Voices." The lyrics are: "They speak of taxes / of oil and power / They speak of honor / and pride over tribe / They speak of war / of bows and arrows / They speak of tanks / and putrid human flesh / But I sing my love for Maria."


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