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Spin the Globe Playlist for 16 January 2004
* = Specific listener request/response

Hour 1: Music of Struggle, Justice, and Peace, in memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Amampondo State of Emergency Vuyani M.E.L.T. 2000
Fela Kuti Shuffering and Shmiling Part 2 The Best Best of Fela Kuti MCA
Temo Kurdish Anthem (If I Don't Have a Home, Who Am I?) World Music of Struggle Columbia
Sally Nyolo & Shingo 2 Tilma Drop the Debt World Village
Samite Obubaka Tanula Eno Triloka / Artemis
Brenda Fassie Sum' Bulala (Do Not Kill Him/Her) South African Rhythm Riot Stern's / Earthworks
Mighty Sparrow No Doctor No Calypso Awakening Smithsonian Folkways
Kane Mathis Kelefa Ba Bantam Ba Kouyate Kaira
Soweto String Quartet with Vusi Mahlasela Weeping Renaissance BMG Africa
Luciano Peace Tell It From the Heart AL.TA.FA.AN. Records
Yair Dalal Rohi T'lifat Asmar Magda

And some new releases and previews of upcoming shows...

* Habib Koite & Bamada

Sirata Foly! World Village
Luiz Macedo Bossa Nova Ne The Rough Guide to Brazilian Electronica World Music Network
* Mylene Pires Coracao Tonto _Mylene Fast Horse
David Krakauer Alt (Dot) Klezmer Live in Krakow Label Bleu
The Klezmatics with Les Miserables Brass Band A Glezele Vayn (A Glass of Wine) Shvaygn = Toyt Rounder
Hamsa Lila Turka Lila Gathering One Cabra
Ozomatli Eva Morena Coming Up Concord
Besh o droM Pergeto (Scat Song) Can't Make Me Asphalt Tango
Ivica Mit & Morova River Band Ivino Oro Ivica Mit & Morova River Band Production MIT

Show Notes:
On the face of it, world music might not seem to have a lot of relevance for MLK day. But at the heart, the struggle for economic justice that King spearheaded is inextricably tied to a struggle for mutual respect, for appreciation of the cultural diversity of the planet, and the struggles all people go through to be free of oppression, injustice, and violence. Many overt dictatorships have fallen, but the "third world" is saddled with economic dictatorship in the form of debt, as Sally Nyolo and Shingo 2 point out. The powerful still try to exploit the poor as much now as in 1978, when Fela Kuti sang about the complicity of religious leades in exploitative colonialism. Exposing this through music is just one way of waking up the powerful but complacent peoples of the "first world." Here's my contribution. And please get out and participate in King Day events this weekend; it'll do you and your community a world of good.

# Our cover song of the week took this week off.


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