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Spin the Globe Playlist for 23 January 2004
* = Specific listener request/response

Music of Asia & Music of Monkeys (Happy Lunar/Chinese New Year! - The Year of the Monkey, 4701)

*An Chang Project Monkey Harmonizing Song Monkey Harmonizing Songs Nektar
An Chang Project Yunaha-Hara Song Monkey Harmonizing Songs Nektar
Manu Chao Bongo Bong World Playground Putumayo
*Zhou Chi-yong Hometown The Great Yellow River Kiigo
Guo Yue & Joji Hirota Pneuma (Exhalation) Red Ribbon Shanachie
*Sabah Habas Mustapha & The Jugla All Stars Guelis So La Li Kartini
Najma Thandi Hawaon Ne Forbidden Kiss Shanachie
Krishna Das The Ring Song Pilgrim Heart Triloka
Liu Sola The Broken Zither Voices of Asian Women Shanachie
Adiysmaa Kandan Darlaashkyn Voices of Asian Women Shanachie
Liu Hech Ambush from All Sides Ambush from All Sides: Pipa Solo Collections 7/8 Music
Hua Wen-yi & Troupe Lan Ting China - The Peony Pavilion Window on the World Asia Inedit
Pol Pan Lao Amazing Isaan The Rough Guide to the Music of Tailand World Music Network
Jonik Naukrak & Musicians Danses au Village de Joynagacha Bangladesh: Garo de la Foret de Madhupur Ocora
Hua Xia Chamber Ensemble A Delicate Fragrance The Brahmin: New Arrangements of Ancient Tunes Hugo
Uzume Taiko Spring on Heavenly Mountain Chirashi Flying Fish
Shang Shang Typhoon # Let It Be # Shang Shang Typhoon 2 Epic / Sony
and a few tunes not from Asia, but rather from bands coming to Seattle/Olympia soon:
*Habib Koite & Bamada Wassiye Foly World Village
Ladysmith Black Mambazo Music Knows No Boundaries Raise Your Spirit Higher Heads Up
Soukous Stars Sofri Sofri Rumba Soukous Casava
*Omar Torrez with Orpheus Tango Gitano La Danza En Mi Corazon Omar Torrez Music
Cuchata Dia Del Sol Cuchata Ellegua
Cuchata Trembelece Cuchata Ellegua
Motimba 'Ta Bueno Eso  Monkey Vibrations Iris

Show Notes:
This week's show featured music from all over Asia to celebrate the Lunar New Year, along with some new releases and previews of upcoming concerts. Yes, I know it's primarily a Chinese holiday, not an Okinawan one...but I took the opportunity to play Okinawan music anyway. Happy year of the monkey!

# Our cover song of the week was Shang Shang Typhoon's wonderful version of the Beatles' "Let It Be."


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