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Spin the Globe Playlist for 13 February 2004
* = Specific listener request/response

Gypsy Music & interview with Kalman Balogh of the Gypsy Cimbalom Band

Jony Iliev & Band (Bulgaria) Godzilla World of Gypsies, Vol. 3 ARC
*Groupe Sidi Mimoun (Morocco) Guafla (Caravan) World of Gypsies, Vol. 3 ARC
Romano Drom (Hungary) O Milaj Ande Lindri Daqui
Aco Bocina (Croatia / Italy with Fanfare Ciocarlia (Romania) Rom Party Aco Bocina Ponderosa
Boban Markovic Orkestar (Serbia) Boban I Marko Boban I Marko Piranha
Boban Markovic Orkestar Sanja Samba Boban I Marko  
*Oi Va Voi (UK) feat. Earl Zinger Gypsy Laughter Through Tears Outcaste
*Alexander Fedoriouk & Kalman Magyar (USA) Trading Aces Crossing Paths: Ethno-Jazz from Eastern and Central Europe Folk Sounds Records
Kalman Balogh & the Gypsy Cimbalom Band (Hungary) Gypsy Colours Gypsy Jazz Rounder

* Interview with Kalman Balogh

* Kalman Balogh & the Gypsy Cimbalom Band Gypsy Colours Gypsy Jazz Rounder
Vera Bila & Kale (Czech) Na Kamav Kale Kalore Tinder
Balkanarama (USA) Corroro Nonstop Balkanarama
Angelite with Fanfare Ciocarlia (Bulgaria / Romania) Dilele Unwired: Europe World Music Network
Manuel Jiminez Rejano Cuando Escribo Mis Poemas Legends of Gypsy Flamenco ARC
Kek Lang (Hungary) # Blowin in the Wind # Winter Moons, Summer Moons - Romany Songs Long Distance
Besh o droM (Hungary) Csujogato (yell) Can't Make Me! Asphalt Tango
Ruth Hunter & Ruthie Dornfield (USA) Mur Stojmeno / Ogrejala Mescina Rue Balkan Orb Discs / Cerise Music
Malouma (Mauritainia) Dunya Dunya Marabi
Omar Torrez (USA) Senorita advance sampler --
Les Yeux Noirs (France) Cymbalum Live World Village
*Abyssinia Infinite Gole Zion Roots Network

Show Notes:
This week's show featured Gypsy music from all over (along with a few new releases at the end of the show). To learn more about Gypsy music and culture, check out the Gypsy Spirit page, the great Patrin site on Roma culture and history, or this Rootsworld page on Gypsy music. The influence of Gypsies on popular entertainment and culture has been dramatic, and under-appreciated. Strong listener response to this show confirmed that there's a hunger for it, so dig in.

# Our cover song of the week was, appropriately enough, a Dylan cover by a Gypsy band.


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