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Spin the Globe Playlist for 21 May 2004
* = Specific listener request/response

World Music to pledge by: KAOS spring membership drive

Show Notes:
Thanks so much for the outpouring of support for KAOS during Spin the Globe today! We got lots of new and renewing members, and a good chunk of cash. I suspect it was a reaction to my charismatic musical guest, Peru the Singing Woman, as much as anything I said or played. She sang/chanted live, and talked about her musical path from jazz to healing music.

# Our cover song of the week took the week off to make way for the membership drive.

Taffetas Yay Balma Taffetas (Most sampler) Most Records
Vranisht Ago, Ago, Ymer Ago Kenge Polifonike Labe Daqui
Sainkho Namtchylak Music Mali to Tuva Who Stole the Sky Ponderosa
Nabi Camara Tahra Lagni Sussu self
* Wai Ka Karanga Te Tinana 100% Minaaka
Peru the Singing Woman Ah-wa-nee The Sacred Opening self

Interview with Peru the Singing Woman

* Peru the Singing Woman A-shama live  

More interview with Peru the Singing Woman

Peru the Singing Woman Mammu Lammu Awaken the Snake self
* Kulsoom Syed Ghulam & Lila Downs Lalolalo - Don't You Worry My Child Lullabies from the Axis of Evil Kirkelig Kulturverksted
Donna De Lory Om Nama Shivaya The Lover and The Beloved Ajna Music
Kelsang Chukie Tethong Dhue Sum Sangye Voice from Tara EMI
* Vas In Our Raith Feast of Silence EMI
Ojos de Brujo Ley de Gravedad Bari World Village
Teofilo Chantre Encanto di Cretcheu Azulando Lusafrica
Johnny Clegg & Savuka Asimbonanga In My African Dream - The Best of Johnny Clegg & Savuka Rhythm Safari
The Happening Bright Lights as deep as we can go without drowning Spacious Music
David Darling & the Sulu Bunun Bunun Tuza Mudanin Kata Riverboat Records
Oliver Mtukudzi Chara Chimwe Tsivo - Revenge Sheer Sound


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