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Spin the Globe Playlist for 29 April 2005
Nordic and Scandinavian Music plus New Releases & Requests

* = Specific listener request/response

Show Notes: Spin the Globe warmed listeners' ears with music from the chilly climes of Northern Europe. We've recently discovered a number of artists from Finland and Norway, and wandered other parts of the region as well.

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Most of the music played on Spin the Globe is available at cdRoots.com or CD Universe or the calabash.

* indicates specific listener response/request

Hedningarna Alkusanat / The Beginning Words Karelia Visa Northside
Vilddas Jieknaahpi (The Arctic Ocean) Vilddas Wood Productions
Vasen Squirrel Gront Northside
Jonas Hellborg Aram of Damascas Aram of the Two Rivers - Live in Syria Bardo
Leo Tadagawa The Sea Cucumber The Jew's Harp World Etnisk Musikklubb
Svang Jampparaleele Svang Aito Records
Freshet Oikotie Freshet OrbDiscs
Pauliina Lerche Vot I Kaalina Katrilli Ruote
* Varttina Kappee Ilmatar Northside
Pekka Lehti Sarastus Outo Voima Aito
Pekka Lehti with Wimme Saari Pohjantappi Outo Voima Aito
Mari Boine Persen Vilges Suola Gula Gula Real World
Ulla Pirttijarvi In Our Foremothers' Arms In Our Foremothers' Arms Warner Finland
Transjoik Uja Nami Uja Nami Vuelie
Warsaw Village Band Roots: Josef Lipinski Uprooting World Village
Warsaw Village Band In the Forest Uprooting World Village
Global Village Orchestra Gravity Globalistics Random Chance
Issa Bagayogo Bana (sickness) Putumayo Presents Mali Putumayo
Boi Akih Imi Dutch World 2005 Radio Netherlands
DARYOUSH TALA'I, ALI REZA GHORBANI, DJAMCHID CHEMIRANI Oj - Poem by Attar Calligraphies Vocales: The Art of Classical Persian Song Accords Croises
5Nizza Soldat RussenSoul Trikont
* Markus James Far As I Can Run / Majirica Samba Timbuktoubab Firenze
Mamadou & Vanessa Ngoni Cadie Nacama Sidibe Music
Ron Murray & Vuelo Brazilian Flower Romanza Whaling City Sound
Kasumai Diambadon (leaf dance) Senegal - Urban Rhythms ARC
Savina Yannatou & Primavera En Salonico Muineira Sumiglia ECM
D'Gary Plaisir-Nao Mbatro Akata Meso Indigo

Most of the music played on Spin the Globe is available at cdRoots.com or CD Universe or the calabash.

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