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Spin the Globe Playlist for 3 August 2007
Bob Brozman interview

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Bob Brozman
sample from Lumiere

It wass a world music mashup on this week's Spin The Globe, with new releases, old favorites, and requests. Lots of listener cheers particularly for Gipsy.cz and Forward Kwenda. And we heard from Bob Brozman, player of many stringed instruments, world-music collaborator of some renown, and the artist behind the new CD Lumiere.

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Artist - Song - Album

hour 1
Tacheles Klezmer Company - Sommerhit (Galizianer Chusidl) - Balkan Reggae
Mary & Omer - Srce Puno Bosne (Heart Full of Bosnia) - Srce Puno Bosne
Pau i Treva - De Bon Mati Jo Em Llevo / Va e Ven - Pau i Treva
Unidentified – recorded by Arthur Alberts - Gbanawa - Songs of the African Coast: Café Music of Liberia
Juan Carmona - Marrakech - Orillas
Antonio Adolfo e Carol Saboya - Canto de Ossanha - Ao vivo / Live
Moh Alileche - North Africa’s Destiny - Tarwa N’Tamazgha
Bob Brozman Orchestra - Lumiere de la Mer - Lumiere
Bob Brozman interview
Bob Brozman Orchestra - Bamako Blues - Lumiere
Lionel Loueke - Kponnon Kpete - Virgin Forest

hour 2
Gipsy.cz - Hidden track - Romano Hip Hop
Fanfare Ciocarlia - Que Dolor - Queens and Kings
Amit Chatterjee - Salome - The Body Is too Slow for Me
Gipsy.cz - Romano Hip Hop - Romano Hip Hop
Forward Kwenda w/ Erica Azim - Mandarendare (A Place Full of Energy) - Svikiro
Debu - Sallallahu - International Sampler
Old Blind Dogs - Terror Time - Four on the Floor
Awal Alhassan - Qulinuli - Sohoyini
Te Vaka - Ke Faitatala (We Need to Talk) - Olatia
Django’s Cadillac - Formosa Please - New Wheels
Balval - Tango - Blizzard Boheme
Eneida Marta - Tarafi - Lope Kai
Le Fuzz - Banana - Vie La Vida
Pascal Colomb - Toute Ressemblance - Le Pop 4

Most of the music played on Spin the Globe is available at cdRoots.com or CD Universe or Calabash.

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