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Spin the Globe Playlist for 14 September 2007
Modern Gypsies

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Ferus Mustafov
Orient Cocek

Gypsy/Roma music is cool again, and more younger bands are taking it up, blending it with hip hop and other styles. We'll hear some of that today, from bands the planet over. Plus other global music and new releases in the second hour.

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Artist - Song - Album

hour 1
Shukar Collective - Oh, Mother - Urban Gypsy
Tunng vx. Taraf de Haidouks - Homecoming - 20 Ways to Float Through Walls
Va Fan Fahre - Plakke Plakke - Romski Robbery
Les Yeux Noirs - Balamouk - Balamouk
Shantel - Bucovina - Gypsy Groove
Gypsy.cz - Mulin - Romano Hip Hop
Fanfare Ciocarlia feat. Esma Redzepova - Ibrahim - Queens and Kings
Balval - Blues - Blizzard Boheme
Balkan Beat Box vx. Mahala Rai Banda - Red Bula - Electric Gypsyland 2
Vera Petrovic - Tsiganka Sam Mala - Rough Guide to Balkan Gypsies
Brass Menazeri - Leventikos - Brazen
Viorica & Ionitsa Clejani Express - Cucu’ Si Corbu - A Devla
Alexian Group - Malay Gypsy - Carovana Zingara
Gypsy.cz - Bengoro Hang - Romano Hip Hop

hour 2
Klezmic Zirkus - Le Karaoke de Kiev - Vitamine K
Colombiafrica The Mystic Orchestra - No Habla Na’ - Voodoo Love Inna Champeta-Land
Kobo Town - At the Edge of the City - Independence
Fafi aka 3 Percent - Wantchito - EP
Yale Strom & Hot Pstromi - Ki Onu Amekho - Borsht with Bread, Brothers
Nina Stern & Daphna Mor - Norits Karoon Yegav - East of the River
Bireli Lagrene Ensemble - Black Eyes - Rough Guide to Gypsy Swing
SONiA & Disappear Fear - Te Quiero - Tango
Slavic Soul Party - Ya-Ya - Bigger
Fishtank Ensemble - The Last Shamisen Master - Super Raoul
Federico Aubele - Esta Momento - Panamericana
Kiran Ahluwalia - Tumba - Wanderlust
Diego Amador - El Llanto de la Lluvia - Piano Jondo

Most of the music played on Spin the Globe is available at cdRoots.com or CD Universe or Calabash.

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