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Spin the Globe Playlist for 12 September 2008
9th Anniversary of Spin The Globe + Afrissippi interview


It was an on-air anniversary party marking 9 years of spinning the globe! My favorites, your requests, and some other stuff that wandered into the celebration. Plus an interview with members of the African-blues group Afrissippi.

Congrats to listener Coral, who won this week's CD giveaway for Afrissippi's Alliance


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Artist - Song - Album

hour 1
Dhol Foundation - Big Drum Small World - Big Drum : Small World
Bole 2 Harlem - Bole 2 Harlem - Bole 2 Harlem Volume 1
DeLeon - Raheliha Baila - DeLeon
Firewater - Borneo - The Golden Hour
Kalman Balogh - Sirba, Tropca & Hora from Dobrogea - Master of the Gypsy Cimbalom
Afrissippi - Debbo Ndoogu - Alliance
interview with Justin Showah of Afrissippi
Afrissippi - Singha - Alliance
Susheela Raman - Amba - Love Trap

hour 2
Kobo Town - Beautiful Soul - Independence
Fiamma Fumana - The Hunter - Home
KAL - Papusha - KAL
Cankisou - Zuha - Le La
Ali Hassan Kuban - Mabrouk Wo Arisna - Nubian Magic
Daude - Ala-La-O - Neguinha te amo
Funkadesi - Stir It Up - Yo Baba
Lo’Jo - In the Arena of the Bold - Au Cabaret Sauvage
Ojos de Brujo - Silencio - Techari
Gamelan X - Gammafro - Satu
Watcha Clan - Balkan Qoulou - Balkanbeats Vol. 3
Boban Markovic Orkestar - Meksikanka / Mexican Girl - The Promise
Dengue Fever - Integration - Venus on Earth
Balkan Beat Box - Baharim (outro) - Nu Med

Most of the music played on Spin the Globe is available at cdRoots.com or CD Universe or Calabash.

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