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Spin the Globe Playlist for 24 April 2009
Global Rhythms


Rhythms from all over the planet were the focus of this show, to celebrate the return of the World Rhythm Festival in Seattle. Groove globally!


Our limited-time show archives are now located on the blog SoundRoots.org -- along with lots of other great global music and information.

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Artist - Song - Album

hour 1
Larry McDonald - Brother Man feat. Shaza & Terri Lion - Drumquestra
Warsaw Village Band - Skip Funk feat. DJ Feel-X - Infinity
Zimbabwe Legit - Rhymin' Wit The African Symphony - Brothers From The Mother
La Minor - White Acadia - Oboroty
Various artists - One Love - Playing for Change
Gamal Goma - Zaar (Ayyoub) - Shake Me Ya Gamal: Hot Tabla Solos
Tactequete - Uapa - Tactequeque?
Kokolo - Congo Bongo - Love International
Megadrums - Dancing between the worlds - Terra Nova
K’naan - Wash It Down - The Dusty Foot on the Road
Lo’Jo - Kourchbene Bellissimo - Mojo Radio
Sayed Rekaby El Genena - Agebny - Jaafra
Te Vaka - Kaleve - Ki Mua
Kasbah Rockers - Shta - Kasbah Rockers

hour 2
Buika - Culpa Mia - Nina del Fuego
Yeshe - Elegua - World Citizen
Eliyahu & Qadim Ensemble - Desert Dub - Eastern Wind
Oreka TX - Dzuud - Nomadak tx
Julien Jacob - Ouou - Cotonou
Ayo Nelson-Homiah - Show Them - Hull Buyh Door/Heartbeat
Tumbatu Cumba - Taita Guaranguito - Tumbatu Cumba
Nomo - Discontinued - Nomo
Gabrielle Roth & the Mirrors - Speaking Curves - Jhoom
Samba Squad - Drums We Love - Batuque
Israel - El Barquero - Naranjas sobre la nieve
Yoshida Brothers - Storm - Yoshida Brothers

Most of the music played on Spin the Globe is available at cdRoots.com or CD Universe or Calabash.

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