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Spin the Globe Playlist for 1 May 2009
Music of Oceania


The music of Oceania, from the billabongs of Northern Australia to the islands of the South Pacific. Plus other stuff in hour 2.


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Artist - Song - Album

hour 1
Telek - Waitplela Gras - Serious Tam
Akasa - Rere Ahu - World Citizen
Lus Mangi Grin Neks String Band - Sadness - Bosavi: Rainforest Music from Papua New Guinea
Matai and Tihoti - Manu E Tokerau - From Pepeete To Teshupo
Ganga Giri - Curried Ripples - Beats Around the Bush
A Global Cultural Collective - Ipmente / Grandmother’s Voice - Red Sands Dreaming
O-Shen - Mi Laik Kam (with Apox) - Rascal in Paradise
Iti Nga Ra - Drum Dance - South Pacific Island Music
Unidentified - Faikava Love Song - South Pacific Island Music
Moana & the Moahunters - Titokowaru - Rua
Fat Freddie’s Drop - Ernie - Based on a True Story
Field recording - Two Wongga Drone Patterns - Arnhem Land Popular Classics
Tahiti Here - Tiare - Music from the South Pacific
Te Vaka` - Manu Samoa - Tutuki
Terorotua and his Orchestra - To To To E - Lure of Tahiti

hour 2
Kanak People of New Caledonia - Danse des Toka Nod - Voices of Forgotten Worlds
Bela Fleck & Afel Bocoum - Buribalal - Throw Down Your Heart
Larry McDonald - Drums Say - Drumquestra
Warsaw Village Band - I’ve Met the Girl - Infinity
Fol&ar (Folear) - Polvora no Olhar - Fol&ar
Varosani - Dukat - Varosani
Gaelic Storm - Don’t Let the Truth Get in the Way (of a Good Story) - What’s the Rumpus?
Lobi Traore - Tiekoroba - Duga
Rahim Alhaj & Amjad Ali Khan - Common Destination - Ancient Sounds
Staff Benda Bilili - Moziki - Tres Tres Fort
La Minor - Murka - Oboroty
Zurstrassen – Wiernik – Pirotton - Danse D’Or - Piwiz Trio

Most of the music played on Spin the Globe is available at cdRoots.com or CD Universe or Calabash.

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