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Spin the Globe Playlist for 5 June 2009
Bulgaria Meets Mongolia


We ping-ponged between Bulgaria and Mongolia for the first half of the show; then onward to the music of rest of the world.


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Artist - Song - Album

hour 1
Jony Iliev & Band - Gaida Cocek - Ma Maren Ma
Egschiglen - Uglee Shaazgai / Colorful Magpie - Sounds of Mongolia
The Bisserov Sisters - Aj Stani Snaho Angelino / Stand Up Daughter-in-law Angelino - Unblocked
Okna Tsahan Zam - Samarine / Under the Stars - Shaman Voices
Yuri Yunkov Ensemble - Radomirska Kopanitsa - Unblocked
Khongorzul & Baterdene - The River Herlen - Silk Road: A Musical Caravan
Les Grandes Voix Bulgares - Kavai Sviri - Les Grandes Voix Bulgares
Chi Bulag - Dungshang Googoo - Mongolia: Living Music of the Steppes
Thracian Rhapsody - Wedding Eve - The New Wedding Music of Bulgaria Vol. 1
Suvshinjargal - Sunder Mountain - Mongolia: Living Music of the Steppes
Ivo Papasov & Yuri Yunakov - Lenorije Chaje - Together Again
The Bulgarian Voices Angelite & Moscow Art Trio w/ Huun Huur Tu - Dancing Voices - Mountain Tale

hour 2
Oumou Sangare - Iyo Djeli - Seya
Giovanni Caviezel - La Canzone del Battello a Vapore / Song of the Steamboat - European Playground
Locomondo - Den Kanei Krio / It’s Not Cold - European Playground
Norman Cook - Siente Mi Ritmo - The Revolution Present Revolution
Adikwa Depala - CCT Ebongisi Mokiri - The World Is Shaking
Ahilea - Kolo Moser - Café Svetlana
Omar Faruk Tekbilek - Omar’s Chocco (Kodomo Remix) - RaRe Elements
Ba Cissoko - Bambo - Seno
Mohammed Al Semary - Tears of Longing - Music from the Blue Nile
Fareed Haque + the Flat Earth Ensemble - The Chant - Flat Planet
Meritum - Mixzcz - Polska Rootz
Bonde Do Role - Awa Nare Remix - Lagos Shake-A Tony Allen Chop Up
Hip Hop Hoodios - Havana Nagila (Ahi Nama! Mix) - Carne Masada

Most of the music played on Spin the Globe is available at cdRoots.com or CD Universe or Calabash.

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