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Spin the Globe Playlist for 27 November 2009
Top 10 World Music CDs, November 2009


This is our last top 10 show of 2009, before our roundup of all the best releases of the year on January 1. We went from West Africa to Eastern Europe (twice!) with stops in the USA, Georgia, South Africa, and Ethiopia.

Special surprises in hour 2 include Italian and Sardinian music with tones of elsewhere, and a tasty tune from Madagascar's Kilema.


Our limited-time show archives are now available via the global music blog SoundRoots.org -- along with lots of other great global music and information.

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Artist - Song - Album

Hour 1
Dhol Foundation - Colours of Punjab (theme) - Big Drum Small World
10- Kimi Djabate - Bagi - Karam
9- Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen - Path to Wisdom - Inspiration Information 4
8- Shantel - Ex Oriente Lux - Planet Paprika
7- Yeh Dede - Ouma Aularesso - Freedom
6- Fela Kuti - Roforofo Fight (excerpt) - Best of the Black President
5- Christine Vainderlis - Down By The River - Dance Mama!
4- The Shin - Potato Story - Black Sea Fire
Badar Ali Khan - Kalandar Trance Remix - Lost in Qawwali II
3- Mulatu Astatke - Netsanet - New York - Addis - London: The story of Ethio Jazz 1965-1975
2- Rupa & the April Fishes - La Estrella Caida - Este Mundo
1- Mahala Rai Banda - Tu Romnie - Ghetto Blasters
1- Mahala Rai Banda - Nu Mai Beau - Ghetto Blasters

Hour 2
Freshlyground - Zithande - Nomvula
Brownout - Framed by Death - Aguilas and Cobras
Latin Bitman - Emigrante - Colour
Shafqat Ali Khan - Tarasti Ankhay / Thirsting Eyes - Sublime Sufi
Kilema - Teako Andalozy - Lavi-Tany
The Very Best - Nsokoto - Warm Heart of Africa
Abaji - Turkish Gypsy - OIrigine Orients
Ipercussonici - Terra, na - Tuttipari
Franca Masu - Veu Acorada - Alguimia
Anzanga Marimba Ensemble - Mbuya Nehyanda - Chokwadi Choita Mimhanzi Dzinobata Myoyo
Andrew Oliver Kora Band - The Funnel & the Vacuum Cleaner - Just 4 U
Chuck & Albert - Dance Like Rubber - Energie
LA Drivers Union Por Por Group - Otsokobila - Por Por Honk Horn Music of Ghana

Most of the music played on Spin the Globe is available at cdRoots.com or CD Universe.

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