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En Vivo!
Los Alacranes de Durango
Label: Arhoolie




Listening to these energetic, upbeat tunes as the Northwest rains pummel from the skies, I find myself daydreaming of a warm place and a simple life, with this music as a soundtrack.

Los Alacranes de Durango (The Scorpions of Durango) are a trio of norteño musicians: deft accordian player Eusevio Gallegos, Arriola Memo on bajo sexto (a low-tuned 12-string guitar), and J. Raul Torres on contrabass. Their tight sound includes nimble vocal harmonies from Gallegos and Memo on perky, often speedy tunes. Even when the pace eases a bit--as on "Alma Angelina" ("Dearest Angelina") and "Jacinto Treviño" ("The Ballad of Jacinto Treviño")--the accordion runs are impressive.

If you don't speak Spanish, the tunes may lack distinguishing characteristics, and the lack of substantial liner notes (in English or Spanish) could leave anyone a bit frustrated. As a soundtrack to daydreams, however, it works great.

©Scott Stevens--9/1//01

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